Google Chrome Beta 5.0.342.1 (Mac, Linux) 5.0.342.2 (Win)

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News del 06 Marzo 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta 5.0.342.1 (Mac, Linux) 5.0.342.2 (Win)

Update: Windows has been updated to 5.0.342.2 to fix the Crash related to offline Gmail (issue: 37035)

      Known issues:  Gears should work on Win7 x64 (Issue: 37545
​The Dev channel has been updated to 5.0.342.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms and 5.0.342.0 ChromeFrame


  • Extension content scripts no longer run multiple times after fragment (ie #hash) navigations (Issue:35924)
  • Early version of Geolocation API now available with following caveats:
    1. To enable, run the browser with --enable-geolocation
    2. Wifi based location is only supported on Windows and Mac (not OSX 10.6 for now)
    3. Permissions are not persisted (will re-prompt every time) and associated UI is incomplete.

  • Improved plugin stability (Issue:35081,36928)
  • AutoFill Preferences UI Updates
  • Translate infobars are now implemented (Issue:34466)
  • Mac History menu now has favicons andno longer lists duplicates of Recently Closed sites
    (Issues: 20464 and 21314)
  • Added HTML5 databases to the Mac cookie manager (Issue: 35191)
Chrome FrameKnown Issues
  • Google Chrome Crashes when trying to open Gmail offline (issue: 37035)
  • Linux
    • Chromecrasheswhensettingprompt for cookies/data (Issue: 37426)
    • The "Show details" link on cookie/data prompt doesn´t work (Issue: 37428)
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