Google Chrome Beta 5.0.307.7 (Mac, Linux)

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News del 12 Febbraio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta 5.0.307.7 (Mac, Linux)

The Google Chrome Beta channel for Mac and Linux has been updated to 5.0.307.7. You can read about it on the Google Chrome Blog.

We´ve been adding many of the features that were missing on the Mac, and working hard on making Google Chrome on both platforms more reliable. We´ve spent a lot of time making plug-ins (like Adobe Flash Player) more reliable.

What´s new on Mac since the last Beta update?

Highlights of Linux Fixes

  • [r34915] Fix a hang on many sites using custom fonts. (Issue: 29861)
  • [r37193r36423, others] Improvements in GTK theme mode, using system colors in more places (new tab page, highlights, scroll bars). (Issue: 2583129948))
  • [r37201] We now also will load plugins from ~/.config/$PRODUCT_NAME/Plugins. (Issue: 22261)
  • Improved complex text support, fixing a number of bugs in Hebrew/Arabic/Hindi/etc. display.
  • [r34222] OOM killer should now kill runaway tabs before it kills the browser. (Issue:29752)

Highlights of Mac Fixes

  • [r36016] Support pinch to zoom on the Mac. (Issue: 16305)
  • [r35440] Cmd-three finger swipe opens prev/next page in new tab. (Issue: 29804)
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