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News del 07 Gennaio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta

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  • [r33999] Fixed an issue which caused html5 audio/video content to not load. (Issue:25859)
  • [r34122] Fixed a bug where content scripts would get run twice in some cases. (Issue:29644)

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  • IMPORTANT: Use this build to switch back to the Dev channel. If you were running Chrome Dev builds before you must manually install this build to get back on the Dev channel. Previous 4.0.249.x builds are on the Beta channel and will not auto update to new Dev channel releases.
  • Extensions are enabled
  • Bookmark sync is enabled. Please note issue 31015 below.
  • [r34585] Add Learn more link to "Aw Snap" crash page. (Issue: 27212)
  • [r34942] Add Esc as another keyboard shortcut for "stop page load." (Issue: 20916)
  • [r34757] Don´t show location bar in devtools and other popup windows. (Issues: 13148,202442675729103)
  • [r34762] Implement "Pin Tab" tab context menu item

  • Scrollbars in GTK theme mode now use some of the GTK colors.
  • [r34915] Fix a hang on many sites using custom fonts. (Issue: 29861)
  • [r34222] OOM killer should now kill runaway tabs before it kills the browser. (Issue:29752)
  • [r34234] Accelerator tweaks: in particular, GTK-configured Emacs keybindings in web content should now work. (Issues: 26131260542883924479)
  • [r35390] New optimized drawing path -- please let us know about any new drawing glitches! (Issue: 31301)
  • Many bugs fixed particularly around extension handling.
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