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News del 26 Settembre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta (Win, Linux) - (Mac)

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  • [r26815] New-FTP: Requires re-authentication when navigating around. (Issue: 21184)
  • [r26860] [DEPS] Move FTP LIST parsing code to the renderer process, limiting potential damage from security issues.
  • Issues with drop down select boxes fixed.
  • [r26359] BiDi-language filenames now displayed correctly in download shelf. (Issue: 10860)
  • Extension shelf (that weird gray box at the bottom) is only displayed if you have extensions installed.
  • [r26495] Add Command-0..8 shortcuts to "select Nth tab" and Command-9 to "select last tab".
  • [r26694] Basic emacs key bindings in text fields should work. (e.g., ctrl-e, ctrl-a, ctrl-d) (Issue: 12538)
  • [r26603] Paste-and-Go for Mac omnibox, cleaned up omnibox context menu. (Issues: 1302110937)
  • [r26471] Form controls now draw correctly in 10.6. (Issue: 19604)
  • [r26646] Search Engine Manager UI improved.
  • [r26567] Find bar now animates open and close.
  • [r26527] Pressing Up/Down arrows in find bar now scrolls page.
  • [r26853] Empty bookmark bar should show IDS_BOOKMARKS_NO_ITEMS. (Issue: 17360)
  • [r26792] Add favicons to items in folders on the bookmark bar. (Issue: 22601)
  • Issues with drop down select boxes fixed.
  • [r26590] "Create application shortcuts" doing nothing: More reliably find the .desktop file for the browser. (Issue: 21995)
  • [r26647] Implement GetCPUUsage() so the task manager shows CPU. (Issue: 19864)
  • [r26891] Added download in progress dialog. (Issue: 21652)
  • [r26526] Fix crashy toolstrips. (Issues: 2207022135)
  • [r26532] Audio and video tag doesn´t work for extension resources. (Issue 22152)
  • [r26685] Fix an issue where we do not initiate the extension install UI with certain combinations of HTTP headers.
  • [r26556] Introduce chrome.tabs.executeScriptInTab() and chrome.tabs.insertCSSInTab(). (Issue: 12465)
  • [r26706] Hide the mole handle by default. (Issue: 15494)
  • [r26658] Remove the right-click devtools behavior. (Issue: 20634)
  • [r26654] Add CSS classes to the document when switching between toolstrip and mole mode.
  • --show-extensions-on-top works pretty well now (on windows). Try it out!
  • Sync library now built entirely from trunk.
Known Issues
  • (Issue 22585) - CMD+Down, CMD+Up no longer scrolling to top/bottom of page on Mac.
  • One machine in our QA group is seeing blank pages on Facebook.  (Issue 22978)
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