Google Chrome 5.0.317.2 (Win) 5.0.307.5 (Mac / Linux) Beta

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News del 06 Febbraio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome 5.0.317.2 (Win) 5.0.307.5 (Mac / Linux) Beta


  • [r37939] (Windows/Linux) Do not select a word by right-click on an editable field in a web page (Issue: 8841)
  • [r37411] (Extensions) Adds a new experimental processes module to the extensions API. (Issue: 32303)


  • Integrated page level language translation.
  • Added new privacy management tools, under "Options->Under the Hood->Content settings..." which all for better management of images, JavaScript, plugins, and popups.

Known Issues

  • Automatic translation does not work for Chinese language sites (Issue: 43803)
  • Uninstall problem on Google Chrome and Chromium (Issue: 34652)
  • Crashes following the installing of a current Beta/Stable release after an uninstall (Issues 3479434688).
  • Multiple exceptions can occur, related to the Content Settings UI. (Issue: 34692)
  • When "Ask me ..." is set, cookies are still set without asking. (Issue: 34693)
  • Pop-up settings changed in bubble are not saved. (Issue: 34781)


Google Chrome 5.0.307.5 has been released to the Developer channel for Mac and Linux. We´ve fixed some bugs present in 5.0.307.1 in an effort to stabilize 307 for a Beta channel update.

Bugs fixed in this release:
  • [r37760] (Mac/Linux) Fix themes being corrupted after upgrade (bad colors, extra wrench menu, etc). (Issue 33416)
  • [r37440] (Mac) Fix a crash when the page is closed or navigates while a popup menu is open. (Issue 33250)
  • [r37445] (Mac) Bookmark manager: restore focus when people press Esc. (Issue32734)
  • [r37522] (Mac) Bookmark manager: Fix a crash on deleting a folder (Issue 33083)
  • [r37542] (Mac) Fix a crash when plugins are scrolled or multiple plugins frames load (Issue 33467)
  • [r37549] (Mac) Prevent tabs from closing when a popup window is open (Issue 31716)
  • [r37342] (Linux) Fix a browser crash when the network connection is down. (Issue33091)
  • [r37738] (Mac) Fix a crash when opening a menu while the browser starts. (Issue33890)
  • [r37838] (Linux) Developer Tools: fix broken autocomplete. (Issue 33403)
  • [r37853] (Mac) Fix cookie management dialog being slow to load (Issue 33248)
  • [r37725] (Linux) Fix App and Edit menus not appearing on pressing Alt+F or Alt+E (Issue 33471)
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