Google Chrome 5.0.307.1 Beta

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News del 30 Gennaio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome 5.0.307.1 Beta

The devchannel has been updated to 5.0.307.1 for Windows & Mac

  • [r37023] Use default downloads directory on Vista and Windows 7 (except where it is the desktop) (Issue: 13610)
  • [r36938 and others] Start work on Content Settings window and sub-dialogs (Issue:32719)

  • Improved plugin stability.
  • [r37204][r37210] Cocoa NPAPI plugins will now get NPCocoaEventMouseDragged and NPCocoaEventFlagsChanged events (Issues: 3299631846)
  • [r37010] Fix crash that sometimes happened when dragging tabs (Issue: 29906)
  • [r37004] Fix %cpu in task manager. (Issue: 32464)
  • [r37139] Give the cookies manager a search field. (Issue: 32328)
  • [r37247] Make copying of big images more robust (Issue: 26822)
  • [r37114] Improve task manager resizing behavior (Issues: 3313433133)

Known Issues
  • [Mac] Crash when deleting cookies (Issue: 33533).

More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revision.
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