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News del 15 Gennaio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta

The Dev channel has been updated to for All platforms

All Platforms
  • See full list

  • [r35634] [OS-WIN7] Issue 30414 - Win7 - Add profile info to app id associated with shortcuts and window
    Append profile info to win7 app id per issue 30414 (Issue: 30414)
  • [r35807] "Don´t show "Did you mean" infobars on single-word searches for users whose ISP or DNS provider displays custom error pages for nonexistent hostnames." (Issue: 31556)

  • Several crash fixes.
  • [r35546 r35826] Add a rudimentary bookmark manager (Issue: 1314931844)
  • [r35678] Fix stuck hover states on tab close buttons (Issue: 31279)
  • [r35576] Make devtools window dockable. (Issue: 17368)
  • [r35512] Implement the cookie manager (Issue: 15360)
  • [r35440] Cmd-three finger swipe opens prev/next page in new tab. (Issue: 29804)

  • [r35441] We no longer show "exe" in process listings for helper processes. (Issue:29118)
  • [r35536] Work around LAHF crash bug in Flash. (Issue: 29789)

Known issues:
- [OS-MAC] Bookmark manager for Mac is not finished yet. No need to file bugs at this point. (Implemented so far: moving, deleting and renaming bookmarks; drag/drop and copy/paste to and from Safari; creating folders.)

- [OS-MAC] Close button on download shelf is semi-visible (Issue: 31785)
- [OS-MAC] A few crashes within the Inspector (Issue: 32035320373206632002)
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