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News del 20 Settembre 09 Autore: Dubo

This week´s changes for the dev channel,, is being released to all platforms.

  • All
  • Win
    • Ensure that tips change when the Chrome language changes. [r25834]
  • Mac
    • Import from Firefox no longer hangs. [r25174]
    • Added SSL icons. [r26307]
    • Implement the search engine manager. [r26078]
    • Allow windows with a single tab to be merged into other windows with drag and drop.
    • Allow Snow Leopard systems to connect to certain IPv6-enabled web sites when only IPv4 is available. [r26051]
    • Prevent a sad tab when loading certain images on Snow Leopard. [r26089]
    • Don´t show "Google Chrome did not shut down properly" when quit from the Dock, logout, restart, or shut down. [r26269]

  • Linux:
    • Make the bookmark toolbar folders act like a menu bar. [r25677]
    • Bookmark bar shows a menu on too many bookmarks. [r25200]
    • Implement external protocol handler dialog (e.g. for aim: URLs).[r25373]
    • Extensions can register page actions. [r25934]
    • Fix a crash when closing tabs that have open login prompts. [r26066]
    • Work around a Flash crash that mostly affects Gentoo users. [r26265]

  • Extensions
    • Enable/disable extension button on chrome://extensions
    • Update extensions now button to force autoupdate check on chrome://extensions
    • chrome.window and APIs can now reference relative URLs inside an extension 

Known issues:
  • All
    • Large files do not download completely - bug 406
  • Linux:
    • Cannot be set as the default browser in GNOME (Already fixed by [r26314r26316]).

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