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News del 21 Agosto 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta

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* Bugs 16020, 16768, 17415, 17970, 17973, 18208,18362, 18433, 18677, 18726, 18846, 19521: Many fixes for video andaudio tags [r23037, r23038, r23067, r23255, r23274, r23455, r23471,r23598]
* Bugs 18471, 18720, 18722: Make more New Tab Page items themeable [r23081, r23205]
* Bugs 10706, 18697: Crash fixes [r23190, r23568]
* Bug 19200: Cannot enter HTTP auth credentials in Omnibox if password has an @ sign [r23403]
* Bug 9103: Import passwords from Firefox 3.1 and above [r23503]
* Bug 13065: Change Live Search to Bing (only for U.S. right now) [r23571]
* Bug 19353: Attempt to reduce memory footprint [r23584]


* Bug 19222: Uninstalling Chrome for one user should not delete default browser entries for another user [r23496]


*HTTP Auth dialog added.
*Chrome binary smaller, starts up faster

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