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News del 09 Agosto 09 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta
Note di rilascio:

3.0.197.x has been released to the dev channel with the following changes:
Windows / All Builds  (

  • Crash fixes
  • Bug 2993: Fix tabs getting "stuck" to your mouse and dragged out when under system load [r22024].
  • Bug 60: Make downloads removable from download shelf and download list [r22138].
  • Bug 17697: Properly unescape past searches in the Omnibox dropdown [r22167].
  • Bug 3641: Setting Chrome as default browser on multiple accounts in Vista should work [r22282].
  • Tweaks for new New Tab Page [r22316], [r22320], [r22337], [r22388], [r22428].
  • Bug 8037: Use jumplists on Windows 7 [r22375].
  • Bug 998518271: Fixes for proxy users [r22430].
  • Rich text editors can now remove <s>, <u> and <strike> tags [Webkit r46286].

Linux  (
  • Default to showing the custom Chrome frame for most users [r22193].
  • Bug 15952: Use Linux native-looking title bar buttons. 
  • Many plugin fixes; fewer crashes [r21992], [r22037], [r22083] and Gmail no longer hangs [r22165].
  • GTK theme mode no longer fails to display the back button on recent Linux distros [r22242].
  • GTK themed location bar now matches theme text color (fix for dark themes) [r22018].
  • Match GTK´s font hinting settings [r22411].

Mac  (
  • Bug 17555: Fix for a particularly common crash on Mac.
  • Bug 11952: Support input method editors (IMEs).
  • Enabled plugin support by default [r22209].


  • Bugs 18140 and 18472: Fix for crashes. 
  • Added a mole expand/collapse API, callable from a toolstrip [r22382].
  • Fix a bug where content scripts that are supposed to match all pages don´t match hosts that are IP addresses [r22260].
  • Delay loading of toolstrips until the background page is ready [r22302].
  • First cut at the final extension installation prompt on Windows [r22368].
  • Experimental support for Databases and DOM Storage when extensions are enabled [r22452 and r22407].
  • Beginnings of extension shelf for linux [r22439].
Known issues:
  • (Mac) Flash can use a lot of CPU.
  • (Mac) Bug 18203:  Mouse clicks on Flash content often doesn´t work. (Try middle-click as a workaround.)
  • (Mac) Bug 18666: Page Up/Down and Cursor Up/Down no longer scroll page content.
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:
If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at
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