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News del 25 Ottobre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome BETA

  • r3753 Fixes a crash with Adobe Acrobat 9 whenever you close a tab that was showing a PDF file. 
  • r3710 Fixes a crash while dragging tabs on Windows Vista with pen input or tablet services.
  • r3803 [Issue 3183] Fixes a crash while dragging tabs. 
  • r3528 [Issue 2069] Fixes problems with the downloaded files shelf not closing and becoming unresponsive. 
  • r3570 [Issue 3539] Fixes not being able to save ´unconfirmed´ file types with different names (Save As...). 
  • r3481 [Issue 666] Fixes Silverlight video not playing on some sites. 
  • r3810 [Issue 2929, Issue 3315] Fixes the page encoding menu to work properly again. 
  • r3546r3659 [Issue 3039] Fixes a crash in the spell checker. 
  • r3621 [issue 2901] Fixes Ctrl+K to work again (focus the address bar and clear it for a new search).

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