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News del 24 Settembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
GoodSync è un software di sincronizzazione e backup automatici che permette di allineare i dati tra computer, smartphone e altri dispositivi. Il programma propone anche funzionalità di backup di file per la creazione di copie di sicurezza.


* Add process id to global log file name, in case several goodsyncs run in parallel.
* Sync Algorithm: fix deleting of state local continuation file if no changes detected.
* Sync Algorithm: Execute CopyState operations on the 1st (delete) pass of Sync.
* Cleanup of Recycled files from _saved_: Delete empty folders too.
* Fix cleaning up of recycled items in _saved_ folders.
* Move option of 1-way Forced Copy: delete source folders too.
* Scripts Option: add ´noattach: ´ prefix that does not attach log file to email.
* Global Connect -> SMTP option: add Test button to test settings.
* Global Options: remove option to reset warnings.
* When GS crashes with error 8 inform user about Not Enough Memory.
* GSTP and HTTP: fix socket/HTTP recovery on stopping downloads of large files.
* Servers and Sockets: faster stopping of servers, less wait for sockets.
* Add date and time stamps to log lines in _gsdata_ logs.
* Wait For Locks Option: make this option be effective only for jobs in auto mode.
* Auto options: Remove option Rename Not Delete losing file.
* Sync Algorithm: Do not allow Copy Time operation if L and R files differs in case of name.
* Sync Algorithm: fix this combo: file copy to existing file, file name differs in case only.
* FTP: Active Mode: better error processing when data connection not created.
* Writing License: do not try to write to user profile and err if it is not defined.
* Browse dialog: if filters have only excludes and no includes, still show multi-select mode.
* Browse dialog: fix crashes possible if multi-select is clicked fast or server response is slow.
* gsync: allow using it on regular Pro license.
* Unattended mode /unatt: fix starting job in the old instance if GoodSync runs already.
* WinFileSys: increase change overflow limit from 1000 to 4000 changes.
* WebDAV: fix parsing of multiple challenges in one header.

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows

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