Gigabyte 8IEXP & 8IHXP P4 Titan Review

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News del 25 Luglio 02 Autore: Canaro
VR-Zone ha recensito e messo a confronto le due schede madri di punta per P4 prodotte da Gigabyte. Il modello 8IEXP basato sul chipset 845E con memorie DDR e la 8IHXP basata sul chipset 850E con memorie RIMM PC800 e 1066. Conclusion Board features & Pricing Gigabyte 8IEXP has a nice shiny newly designed box while 8IHXP comes with a normal box but both packages are full with goodies in them. Both boards sports a cool blue PCB with a golden chipset cooler that give an nice overall appealing look. Gigabyte 8IEXP is very well featured with 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 onboard + 4 optional with USB cable provided), 3 IEEE 1394 Ports, Creative 5.1 Channel Audio, LAN, Promise RAID, Dual BIOS, connectors for memory stick, secure digital, IR and smart card reader. Gigabyte 8IHXP possess all the features that 8IEXP has except the IEEE 1394 functions but has an additional NEC USB 2.0 chip to support another 4 USB ports and in total, this board can have up to 10 USB 2.0 ports! Gigabyte boards nowadays are simply a delight for users who demand many features on their boards and best of all, the boards are priced competitively against other major brands like ASUS and MSI. BIOS & Overclockability Gigabyte 8IEXP does provide a decent set of settings in the BIOS for tweaking and overclocking. The BIOS allows FSB adjustment from 100-255MHz in 1Mhz intervals, VCore up to 1.725V, VDIMM up to 2.8V, VAGP up to 1.8V and also provides 18 possible set of ratios to change the PCI-AGP ratios from 33/66Mhz all the way to 50/100Mhz. Gigabyte 8IHXP too provide FSB, VCore, VRIMM and VAGP adjustments in the BIOS but the clock generator limitation set the max FSB to 156Mhz only and the max VCore allowed is + 0.1V which is a little too conservative. The BIOS does provide option to change the RDRAM Bus Frequency to PC800 or PC1066 depends on the type of RDRAM you are using. Performance & Stability Gigabyte 8IHXP is the top performer here in all the aspects like Memory, Gaming, Business and Content Creation applications so users seeking the best performance out of their systems will generally prefer this boar more than the others. Gigabyte 8IEXP on the other hand suffers in performance when compared to DDR333 boards therefore it will be wise for Intel to release 845PE soon so that it is more attractive for users to get. DDR333 is the way to go now as it provides added performance with just a slight increase in cost.Piccola nota finale... chissà perchè i siti che recensiscono l'hardware hanno sempre tutto e schede in luccicanti scatole, mentre all'acquisto spesso ti lanciano la scheda in mano e se ti cade e la rompi sono affari tuoi.
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