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News del 08 Marzo 04 Autore: RostoR
GetRight 5.1 Beta 3
GetRight 5.1 Beta 3 aggiornamento per questo download manager uno dei migliori del suo genere, completo e facilmente adattabile alle varie circostanze. Come tutti i programmi di questo tipo è particolarmente utile per le connessioni analogiche che possono essere riprese in un secondo tempo sempre che il sito consenta questa possibilità. Per le caratteristiche complete vi prego rifarvi alle News PrecedentiFixes & Improvements in Beta 3: Added a new IE click monitoring method, in addition to the current way. Works fine with a few browsers based on IE that didn't work with other methods (AOL 9.0, Avant, etc.) And just works very well in general; gets called just when IE knows a file should be downloaded so GetRight doesn't have to kinda guess based on the type of the file--but does require IE 5.5 or higher. Redid the Monitor config pages to have better descriptions and split into 2 pages. Better handling if the old GetRight folder is deleted after an upgrade (so the places it's set to store the .LST files isn't there). Added "Make Unique" button to the "Overwrite/Resume" window when first saving a file. It will add -### to the filename to create a new unused name. Using newer version of the protection system, so should fix the "Extraction Error" that some people got. And should fix a few rare crashes (seemed to only crash with multiple CPU or Hyperthreading systems.) Improved "Log into web page" for some pages with multiple forms. Added "Send URL as Referer" on Protocols config page. Fixed to handle extra /'s in mistyped URLs. http:/// Fixed a bug that could let the GetRight Browser give an error when there wasn't a problem. Fixed a bug in the Server Synchronizer that didn't let things get added right. Fixed a pretty rare one, some FTP server didn't support PASV; if so try PORT
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: Mb 2.65

OS: Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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