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News del 12 Marzo 03 Autore: Giancarlof
GetRight 5.0 Beta 6
Aggiornamento di questo storico download manager alla versione 5.0 Beta 6. GetRight 5.0 Beta 5 Bugs (fixed in Beta 6) and Improvements:
  • Been awhile since the last big change to the website design, so Peter redesigned website a bit. Looks pretty cool
  • On the Save As window, the thing I added to make sure the type was right if you've set to Hide the file types is messing up the canceling. A workaround for now: in Windows Explorer (or My Computer) pick the Tools, `then Folder Options menu. On the View tab, uncheck the item about "Hide file extenstion for known file types". That will avoid it until it's fixed right
  • Speed limit seems to be using more CPU for some people, working on it
  • Added so you can call the Server Synchronizer items from the Daily Downloads (to schedule them!) Uses format sync:(name) in the Daily Downloads, where (name) is the name you give the item in the Server Synchronizer
  • Added so QuickSync better remembers username/passwords for logging into sites
  • Added more checks and cleanup to try and fix possible resource leaks
  • Fix so changing speed limit will update the limit immediately if it's turned on
  • Improve so GetRight Browser gets login info from the config a little better
  • Using "smaller" download windows with WindowsXP the icons weren't centered right in the buttons
  • Fix a few more causes of crashes
  • Added to QuickSync so it can get and show the file sizes and dates too. And added Category so can file things on QuickSync and Server Synchronizer
  • Added Type column to the Download Status so can sort by file type (XYZ)
  • Improve so Exact ordering to Top and Bottom really do first and last
  • Added an interesting option to do "One Run" shortcuts for Programs you download. Lets you keep track of which ones still need to be installed (run) in a folder on your desktop, etc
grazie manuangi (Angelica)Release del 5 Marzo 2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: Mb 2.36

OS: Win All

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