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News del 14 Settembre 01 Autore: BiOS
Aggiornata alla versione 19.0 la celebre raccolta di FAQ sulla nota GPU prodotta d nVidia.

Questi gli aggiornamenti:

  • Updated all Windows driver questions with 14.xx, 21.81 and various other pre-11.00 links.
  • Added a note to 'I cannot set my refresh rate above 75hz under Windows 2000. How can I fix it?' regarding 21.81 drivers.
  • Added 'Hardware accelerated OpenGL doesn't seem to be working at all in Windows XP. How can I fix it?' question and added link in 'I can't run any OpenGL programs, but Direct3D programs run fine. How can I fix it?' and 2000/XP drivers questions.
  • Fixed as many of the the download links as I could in the BIOS flashing questions.
  • Renamed and added WHQL and 21.xx information to 'What is the difference between the 3.xx, 5.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx, 8.xx, 10.xx, 11.xx, 12.xx, 21.xx, WHQL and non-WHQL versions of the drivers?' question.
  • Fixed Unified link in 'Where can I get Unified?' question.
  • Added Windows 95 information to 'How do I get to the NVIDIA control panel and what should I set the settings to?' question.
  • Changes references throughout FAQ from Windows 9x to 9x/ME and Windows 2000 to 2000/XP.
  • Removed Creative specific information from drivers questions.

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