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News del 13 Settembre 04 Autore: Blybly
GSpot 2.52 b1
Ammirevole costanza nello sviluppo di GSpot, programma che ci permette di capire se la ragione per cui non riusciamo a vedere un determinato file multimediale è la mancanza di qualche codec. Gspot infatti analizza e ci restituisce le informazioni adeguate a capire quali codec sono stati utilizzati per la codifica del video in questione.Gspot 2.52 b1
  • Fixed exception violation ("crash") issues exhibited by, in particular, v2.51b2, which often overran an internal data buffer. The current version has been "road-tested" with over 2000 media files1
  • Added 16:9 anamorphic support (for target and/or source) in the resizing information function. Also added ability to select different target sizes for "AVI" (i.e. 1:1 PAR) targets.
  • Reorganized the GUI layout.
  • Added support for parsing information from the optional MPEG-2 "sequence display extension". When available, the "display" height and width are shown, as well as the color space mapping matrix (which may be useful only to a few video techno-geek users out there ;)
  • Added support for identifying so-called "packed bitstreams", an MPEG-4 construct sometimes used DivX 5.x and other MPEG-4 streams contained in an AVI file. The information is displayed as text in the "container" section; additionally a new indicator labeled "NVOP", as these constructs are informally called, with the other MPEG-4 indicators.
  • Finally "restored" the ability to find the details of the codecs and other filters, as well as the mediatypes involved, when the "MS" (Microsoft DirectShow) render function is used. The word "restored" is in reference to the fact that older v2.21 had similar capability, albeit more limited than the information now available in this version.
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