GParted live 0.13.0-1

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News del 16 Luglio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
GParted live 0.13.0-1
GParted, abbreviazione di Gnome Partition Editor è un software freeware sotto licenza GPL per partizionare gli hard-disk. Scritto in GTK e distribuito con licenza GPL, è un front-end del più famoso Parted.

Nato per i sistemi GNU/Linux sotto Desktop Gnome, è disponibile anche in versione Live CD ed Live USB avviabili su qualsiasi PC che usi Windows.

Note di rilascio:

The GParted team is proud to announce a new stable release of GParted Live.

The most significant enhancement is with GParted 0.13.0, which now shows when there is a difference between the file system size and the partition size. Thanks to work by Mike Fleetwood this resolves bug #499202 that has been open since 2007. With this new feature, users can learn if there is unallocated space within a partition that can then be put to good use.

Another important application change is a fix for bug #678831 which resolves a problem with overlapping partitions when resizing an extended partition.

Also new in this release:
Adds web browser icon to desktop
Adds menu button keyboard shortcut to bring up Fluxbox root menu (bug #578842)
Useful when using GParted Live without a mouse
Updates Linux kernel to 3.2.21-3
Based on Debian Sid repository (as of 2012/Jul/14)
Includes new GParted 0.13.0 release
Thanks goes to Steven Shiau for another great GParted Live release.

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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: GPL/Freeware

Dimensioni: 123 MB

OS: Windows, Linux

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