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News del 22 Ottobre 04 Autore: Alberto
GPGRelay 0.955
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo programma per la crittografia automatica della posta elettronica utilizzando il programma DOS opensource GnuPG. Per maggiori dettagli sul programma e sul suo utilizzo vi consiglio di leggere il mio articolo su <font color=green><b><a href= target=_blank>GPGRelay</a></b></font> su SWZone. <font color=blue size=1> Changelog: <ul> <li><b>GPGrelay:</b> o More Dialogs have now proper Parent/Child-Hierarchy to disable some unwanted Non- Modality (and proper positioning) o GPGrelay now always tries to keep selections in lists/trees when reloading keys o Revoked/Expired/Disabled Subkeys are now also shown in keyviews (still missing similar feature for primary keys) o Revoke UserID is now also available through GPGrelay-GUI o Untrusted UserIDs are now also grayed out in the Key-Displays o Advanced debug-compiler-define for deadlock-checking (very experimental, might not working as intended, have to find out :)) At least it helped to catch one deadlock-situation with GPGrelay-shutdown while being asked for a passphrase so it wasn't worthless effort... (Not active in Release-Builds! In case you suffer from GPGrelay hanging, you might want to give the debug-build a try!) o STARTTLS/STLS is now always defaulting to TLS-Connection as some servers abort connection with an SSL2-Hello and don't negotiate TLS (or did I simply miss something in the OpenSSL-Doc?) o Log Full Protocol does now also show the StartTLS-Chitchat. o Some small improvements with Logging (still quite slow for large mails when log full bodies is turned on) o GPGrelay isn't that picky about email-addresses anymore, so it will work with internal email-addresses like "user@domain" or simply "user". Nevertheless GPGrelay is matching full strings, so "user@domain" doesn't match with a fully given "", so basically this one is only useful for giving aliases to GPGrelay (doubt it's useful to have abbreviated emails inside userids). o The PhotoID-Display can now be resized o Changed some dialog-texts to have Mnemonics (underlined chars) now, so you can navigate a bit more easily with the keyboards by pressing "Alt+Mnemonic" (don't hesitate to tell me missing/duplicate ones; this came late and is a boring issue, so I guess I haven't checked all dialogs properly... Suggested to be incorporated in current and future translations too.) o --autoexportsettings is now also working when shutting down win2k (GPGrelay is now creating the .reg-file by itself instead of executing regedit.exe to export the entries) o Simple Password-Spy-Detection should alarm you when someone unauthorized (eg. Spyware or Backdoor) is trying to read a passphrase from a GPGrelay-Dialog o Better support of crippled keys: VerifyPassphrase doesn't only rely on a signing-(sub)key anymore. o Better handling of non-canonical lineendings from broken servers o Little GUI-Fix: Relay-Dialog with IMAP and SSL is now properly changing the default-ports. o Changed a few lines of code so GPGrelay will now compile directly with VC.NET 2003 -- to my surprise the run through VC.NET also revealed embarrassing misuse of some MFC-Macros, so this experiment was more than worthwhile! <li><b>SMTP:</b> o Hide BCC-Recipient introduced blank additional line o Some more troubles with "No secret primary Key" solved (should now work as intended) basically due to the fact that there is a way to fetch Usage-Flags for secret keys from GPG. <li><b>POP3:</b> o Disabled Nagle-Algorithm (send coalescing) for local->remote-relay. o Some more Line-Ending-Issues solved (fewer lines added/removed) <li><b>IMAP:</b> o There is nothing I'll do here ... who is willing to care for IMAP-code? </ul> </font> <font color=red>Aggiornata la traduzione nella sezione</font><a href= target=_blank>TRADUZIONI</a>
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 504 Kb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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