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News del 21 Maggio 04 Autore: Alberto
GPGRelay 0.95
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo programma per la crittografia automatica della posta elettronica utilizzando il programma DOS opensource GnuPG. Per maggiori dettagli sul programma e sul suo utilizzo vi consiglio di leggere il mio articolo su GPGRelay su SWZone.
  • GPGrelay:o Default-Inline-Profiles now have the "don't touch attachment" turned off o There is now also a tooltip for the "don't touch attachment" o Keyring-Load on startup is now working properly again! (used to create keyrules for keys in keyring twice, which caused the "Profile for new Key"-Feature to be disabled). o Show-PhotoID is now also working with 16bit-display-depth o Decrypt/Verify Clipboard does now try to handle quoted email-text before failing... o Some mysterious regular crashes (Win2K, SP4) solved (WM_SOCKET_NOTIFY is sent after WM_SOCKET_DEAD for CSockets) o If GPGrelay detects many missing keys, the keyrules aren't deleted automatically from the registry (you have to confirm manually) o Passphrase-Verify does now work again if no primary-secret-key is available o Sign content from clipboard is now using preferred sign-key from the keyrule of the primary UserID of the Secret Key (this also solves the "no primary-secret-key"-issue there) o Copy Log to Clipboard is now working again (Owner-Drawn Listbox but was still referenced as CListBox...) o GPGrelay is now doing the "gpg --check-trustdb" properly when reloading keys o Added convenience-function to export settings to a .reg-File (the Save/Restore Settings only write/read data to the registry, and this "Export Settings" will ease backup of the settings a bit) To import simply doubleclick the resulting .reg-File o Also a new commandline-option added: --autoexportsettings "filename.reg" o Gen-Key/Add Subkey is now properly working with GPG 1.2.4 o Bugfix: Deleting the UserID that is currently edited in the keyrule-dialog caused GPGrelay to crash. o It's now also possible to bind GPGrelay to a real IP-Address instead of only localhost; this has alot of security issues coming along with, so I don't recommend using it unless you really know what you're up to; see readme.txt for details!
  • SMTP:o Fixed a bug with Keyrule-Selection when sending a mail to multiple user via to, cc and bcc (thanks to Chupakabra) o GPGrelay failed with a special variant of AUTH LOGIN, so this is now working too
  • POP3:o Added machine-readable status-fields to received mails: X-GPGrelay-GoodSig: X-GPGrelay-BadSig: X-GPGrelay-EncTo: These fields are filled with whatever GPG emits for Status-FD, they might be issues multiple times... o Also any incoming X-GPGrelay-Headerfield is tagged as a X-GPGrelay-Fake-Warning- Headerfield! o These Fake-Warnings also modify the subject-line (see Registry "FakeWarningModifySubject" to turn this off). Don't expect too much "Fake-Detection" with this mechanism; but it may help if your email-client can support subject-coloring or similar things concerning the machine- readable-status-fields mentioned above. o Fewer incorrectly added empty lines to outgoing/incoming mails o The "Received:"-Entry added by GPGrelay to the incoming mail is now an "X-GPGrelay- Received:", so it doesn't interfere with common MTA-Semantics anymore. Nevertheless, you have to check for it's existance at the first line of received mail (only some X-GPGrelay-Keep-Alive-Lines are allowed to be shown before) to have some hint that GPGrelay was issuing the X-GPGrelay-Headers (Obviously: No fake-detection when bypassing GPGrelay)... o Found a bug which allowed special mails to stop GPGrelay-Relays (crash a relay-thread but doesn't bring down GPGrelay itself) o First Part of a Multipart is now also decrypted when received
  • IMAP: o There is nothing I'll do here ... who is willing to care for IMAP-code?
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 556 Kb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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