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News del 03 Gennaio 04 Autore: Alberto
GPGRelay 0.94
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo programma per la crittografia automatica della posta elettronica utilizzando il programma DOS opensource GnuPG. Per maggiori dettagli sul programma e sul suo utilizzo vi consiglio di leggere il mio articolo su GPGRelay su SWZone.
  • GPGrelay: o Passphrase-Settings for multiple private keys are now properly saved o "Don't show retry-dialog" in the relay-settings is working again. o Cleaner Shutdown: GPGrelay is now waiting for all Active-Threads to terminate o GPGrelay won't crash anymore if gen-key fails (eg. due to locked keyring-file -- Although I think, this is a bug/misbehaviour of the Win32-Port of GnuPG, as it shouldn't fail to create key in this situation) o Force-Aliases are now replaced by the possibility to specify Sign-Only- Profiles, which offer the possibility to attach email-aliases directly to them. o It's now possible to abort Reload-Keys-Threads (helpful on slow machines with huge keyrings while you're online) Partial reload cannot be terminated though, although displayed... o GPGrelay does now also know about the "unusable" userids (still need to add a view for the unreachable keys (the ones without an email in the UserIDs)...). Probably the last step missing for GPGrelay to become a mature gpg-frontend. o You can also access User-Attributes from within GPGrelay o Possibility to view PhotoID when DirectX8 is available... o Add/Remove subkey is now also propagating the new keyids to the controls o GnuPG1.2.3 doesn't show keyring-file anymore (they say it was a bug that the Keyring was displayed), so some advanced features "Move to keyring" aren't available with GnuPG1.2.3 as GPGrelay simply doesn't know about the keyrings anymore (this also broke the cache-file-useage).
  • SMTP: o Abort-Request on "Cancel Passphrase" is now saving the "don't ask again"-Flag properly o Sending passthrough-mails can now also prematurely terminated o User-Prompt to confirm signing/encrypting already signed/encrypted mail o Forwarded Mails (Forward as Attachment) are now handled correctly (thanks to Xavier Nodet for the patch)
  • POP3: o Cancel Passphrase optionally offers now to abort receiving (instead of always receive undecrypted when no passphrase was given) o Always add "Received:"-Header-Field when incoming mail passes GPGrelay (this is an additional info to detect possible "Good sig"-fakes that might be received by bypassing GPGrelay) o Added support for PGP-MIME-signed mails inside Mailinglist-Multipart-Footers
  • IMAP: o There is nothing I'll do here ... who is willing to care for IMAP-code?
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 536 Kb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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