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News del 21 Settembre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
GIMP 2.5.4
- improved look and feel of the Navigation dialog 
and navigation popups
- improved positioning of the image in the image
- by default turned off use of GEGL for color
- moved the "Use GEGL" checkbox to the Debug menu
- optimized the new scaling code
- various fixes to the Python bindings
- added Python bindings for most GIMP widgets
to the gimpui module
- merged GimpHRuler and GimpVRuler classes
into GimpRuler
- added Search entry to the Keyboard Shortcuts
and Input Controller configuration dialogs
- allow to drop images (in addition to URIs) on
the empty image window
- improved error handling in Script-Fu
- merged upstream TinyScheme changes into
Script-Fu interpreter
- bug fixes and code cleanup

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