FrostWire 5.5.2

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News del 16 Gennaio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
FrostWire 5.5.2
FrostWire è un client P2P basato sul motore di Limewire che offre la possibilità di scaricare file tramite il protocollo Bittorrent.


frostwire (5.5.2) stable; urgency=high
* Upgrade: Now ´Movies´ or ´My Videos´ folder is included by default on newinstalls since we now have a built-in video player.
* Upgrade: The Smart Search engine can now be disabled. No torrents will beindexed and no search against the local database will be performed ifdisabled.
* UI fix: Video Player Window Title now shows the file name being played.
* UI fix: Library > "Finished Downloads" renamed to "Default Save Folder"
* UI fix: When browsing another device on the Wi-Fi network newest shared filesare shown at the top of the table.
* Bug fix: On first installation FrostWire wasn´t able to add ´From Devices´ folderto the Library.
* Bug fix: When restoring default settings FrostWire was not restoring defaultlibrary folders.
* Bug fix: Player remembers volume level from last song played.
* Bug fix: Sends correct file sizes on HTTP headers for shared files thathave changed in size after being shared.
* Bug fix: Repeat media play setting with only one item.
* Bug fix: New mime detector based on a bigger table.
* Bug fix: Video player doesn´t skip frames when resuming from pause.
* Bug fix: Video player doesn´t move frames when paused and volume slideris being moved.
* Bug fix: Dropping a .torrent starts a download and doesn´t ask to send toa friend.
* Bug fix: (Windows) can delete files that are being played or seededfrom the Library.
* Bug fix: (Mac) compatibility with Mac OSX 10.5.x restored.
* Bug fix: (Windows) media player can open files with long paths.
* Bug fix: prevents NPE when opening a .torrent and trying to show icons whenthe file system chooser wasn´t available.
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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