FrostWire 5.3.1

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News del 12 Febbraio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
FrostWire 5.3.1
FrostWire è un client P2P basato sul motore di Limewire che offre la possibilità di scaricare file tramite il protocollo Bittorrent.


* Updated default album cover image with an anti-aliased frostwire sphere.  
* Fixes bug where clicking on the current song would switch to the library but the button on the top would not be selected.
* Adds missing icon for "copy magnet" on Send file dialog.
* Library explorer and Playlist explorer are now divided by a split pane for a better experience.  
* Hides hints popup when search is triggered with a mouse click.  
* Updated search icon (magnifier).
* Fonts are reset when the setup wizard is shown so the wizard can work properly.  
* New View > Reset Font Sizes action.  
* The first time the Library button is used "Finished Downloads" is preselected to give the user a clue of what can be done.  
* When a new playlist is created, a graphic is shown to hint the user about dragging audio files there.  
* Updated H2 library to v1.3.164
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Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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