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News del 20 Giugno 06 Autore: Alberto
FreePops 0.0.99
Nuovo aggiornamento per questo programma di cui seguiamo costantemente i progressi e le novità.Changes (18/06/2006 0.0.99):- es, fr: more work on patches (gareuselesinge) - juno.lua: Fixed an issue where the server url once logged in wasn't being correctly identified. (russell822) - mailcom.lua: Added handling for (russell822) - mailcom.lua: Added support for (russell822) - hotmail.lua: Reinstated the 0.1.5f functionality, plus added support in the live accounts for the folder name of Junk to always resolve to the junk e-mail folder. (russell822) - hotmail.lua: If the folder was set to Live mail's junk folder, mail wasn't being picked up. (russell822) - tin.lua: remove trailing spaces and correctly show special characters from plaintext messages. (alessiofender) - hotmail.lua: Merged the MSN fix into the hotmail fix. (russell822) - gmail.lua: A fix for the login change by Gmail. Submitted by Jbobowski, (russell822) - libero.lua: Updated webmail server addresses (alessiofender) - yahoo.lua: Fix for a nil pointer problem with the beta of yahoo. (russell822) - libero.lua: Updated the version number (alessiofender) - hotmail.lua: Reverting Hotmail back to 0.1.5e so that it works with msn and live hotmail. (russell822) - tin.lua: fixed encoding problems (alessiofender) - yahoo.lua: Previous checkin was broken. (russell822) - mailcom.lua: The modification forces the session to logout and clear every 4 hours. (russell822) - mailcom.lua: Reaction to changes of the header format on the website. (russell822) - tin.lua: Correctly handle plain text messages (alessiofender) - hotmail.lua: Updated the login function to work through (russell822) - mailcom.lua: An attempt to fix the session expired problem. (russell822) - aol.lua: Reaction to changes in the login process by AOL/AIM. (russell822) - hotmail.lua: Another change to adapt to hotmail's login page change. (russell822) - hotmail.lua: Temporary solution to get addresses working again. (russell822) - hotmail.lua: An update to the change in interface with LIVE. (russell822) - hotmail.lua: Turn off raw logging. (russell822) - tin.lua: You must also update mimer.lua for this patch to take effect (alessiofender) - tin.lua: added and - tin.lua: fix to use new webmail address (Thanks to rudygonzo) - tin.lua: correctly handle plain text messages - added fixes for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar - fixed paths for launchd plists on Mac OS X Tiger (Thanks to jacobolus) - fixed a bug in mimer.lua about the Content-type header definition
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open GPL

Dimensioni: 1,11 Mb

OS: MacOS X, Windows, Linux

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