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News del 21 Novembre 05 Autore: Alberto
FreePops 0.0.96
Nuovo aggiornamento per questo programma di cui seguiamo costantemente i progressi e le novità.Changes (19/11/2005 0.0.96):- added a fix for strerror_r on OSX - added zibo86 https trough proxy patch (many thanks!) - es: *** empty log message *** (lisar314) - fr: *** empty log message *** (fvancaen) - freepopsd.vbs: Updated version number (alessiofender) - es, fr: fix (gareuselesinge) - added max count for bad pop3 commands (10) befor connection closing. Should easily avoid the problem of clients looping sending rn that wastes CPU. - popserver.c is now case insensitive (as RFC says) - added to config.lua - fixed typos in and SERVICE.en.txt - fixed bad stas in tin.lua - fixed socklen_t undefined bug in Mac OS X 10.2 - fixed an ancient bug in the logger initialization call (syslogmode was one only with -v and not -w) - fixed r and not rn in tin.lua - fixed mail2world url - restored pthread-win32 since they are not broken - fixed a bug in gcrypt initialization - atted to the source tree a recent pthread-win32 release (that seems broken) - added thread callbacks initialization for gcrypt - fixed the FreePOPs website link in the Windows start menu shortcut - freepopsd.vbs: added -update option to run the updater prior to run FreePOPs
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open GPL

Dimensioni: Kb 848

OS: MacOS X, Windows, Linux

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