FreeBSD 9.0 RC2

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News del 21 Novembre 11 Autore: Gianplugged
FreeBSD 9.0 RC2
Note di rilascio:

The second of the Release Candidate builds for the 9.0-RELEASE releasecycle is now available. Since this is the first release of a brandnew branch I cross-post the announcements on both -current and -stable.But just so you know most of the developers active in head and stable/9pay more attention to the -current mailing list. 

If you notice problemsyou can report them through the normal Gnats PR system or on the-current mailing list.At the current plans are for one more RC build, which will be followedby the release. The 9.0-RELEASE cycle will be tracked here:

NOTE:The location of the FTP install tree and ISOs is the same as ithad been for BETA2/BETA3/RC1, though we are still deciding if this willbe the layout we switch to for the release.ISO images for the following architectures are available, with pathnamesgiven relative to the top-level of the FTP site: 

amd64: …/releases/amd64/amd64/ISO-IMAGES/9.0/ 
i386: …/releases/i386/i386/ISO-IMAGES/9.0/ 
ia64: …/releases/ia64/ia64/ISO-IMAGES/9.0/ 
powerpc: …/releases/powerpc/powerpc/ISO-IMAGES/9.0/ 
powerpc64: …/releases/powerpc/powerpc64/ISO-IMAGES/9.0/ 
sparc64: …/releases/sparc64/sparc64/ISO-IMAGES/9.0/ 

MD5/SHA256 checksums are tacked on below.I

f you would like to use csup/cvsup mechanisms to access the sourcetree the branch tag to use is now “RELENG_9_0″, if you use “.” (head)you will get 10-CURRENT. If you would like to access the source treevia SVN it is 


Westill havethe nit that the creation of a new SVN branch winds up causing whatlooks like a check-in of the entire tree in CVS (a side-effect of thesvn2cvs exporter) so “mergemaster -F” is your friend if you are usingcsup/cvsup.
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