Flash Player RC 4

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News del 07 Maggio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Flash Player RC 4
Adobe Flash Player è un plug-in per browser multipiattaforma che consente di visualizzare animazioni e filmati in formato Flash ed è installato su oltre il 98% dei desktop dotati di connessione a Internet.


# Networking:

* [FP-4053] Flash player crashes after network cable is unplugged. (2570447)

# Audio/Video:

* Seeking through a video via a progress slider doesn’t show enough frames. (2598284)
* Certain videos play with no sound and then stop playing. (2603827)
* In Firefox, streaming videos will halt on some occasions after a few minutes. (2612170)
* [FP-3991] Flash movies with a transparent mode don´t play in applications. (2603871, 2604142)

# Text/Text Input:

* [FP-4333] insertion point not visible for input text field when using embedded fonts. (2603494)

# General:

* General stability and performance improvements
* Many issues involving video playback have been fixed in this release, and users may need to get updated video drivers ATI, NVidia, Broadcom, or Intel.
* Corrupt swfs on a page can cause the entire page to render improperly (http://it.eurosport.yahoo.com/) (2610174)
* In some cases, XML declarations lose the trailing brace. (2611975)
* [FP-4425] ShaderJob.start now produces an ArgumentError with previously (10.0.x) functioning code (2613199)
* [FP-4109] TouchEvent only fires after first touch in MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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