Flash Player Beta 3

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News del 25 Febbraio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Flash Player Beta 3
Adobe Flash Player è un plug-in per browser multipiattaforma che consente di visualizzare animazioni e filmati in formato Flash ed è installato su oltre il 98% dei desktop dotati di connessione a Internet.


# Installation:
- Installers require administrator rights and should never launch on restricted user accounts (with UAC off) on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

# Graphics:
- DisplayObjects with overlapping strokes sometimes disappears when redrawn
- [FP-3621] Removing and re-adding a Flash movie from the DOM using removeChild and appendChild causes display issues in Internet Explorer
- [FP-2290] PerspectiveProjections have problems with click events
- 3D Facebook game renders incorrectly in Beta 1 and Beta 2 (http://apps.facebook.com/dealornodeallive/)

# Networking:
- The Settings dialog doesn’t correctly allow Local Storage requests. (2485167)

# Audio/Video:
- [FP-3567] Firefox Crash/Hang when running music on Playlist.com
- [FP-3921] Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 crashes Internet Explorer 8 in 32bit mode on Playlist.com
- In Firefox, clicking quickly on the stop music / play music button before it has completed loading the music, causes a crash (Bugzilla 542164)
- [FP-3675] Windows energy saving does not work after viewing video in full-screen mode
- Support for the Broadcom BCM70015 (“FLEA”) hardware decoder support is not yet enabled.
- NetStream.Buffer.Full event is not fired correctly. Site in question - http://www.cracked.com/video_18108_the-battle-h-town.html. (2501240)
- On Broadcom graphics accelerators, NetStream.Step.Notify event doesn’t fire when seeking backwards on video playback.
- Video loads slowly or crashes on Internet Explorer when using Nvidia graphics card.
- Systems with NVidia graphics processors crash on certain videos on dailymotion.com
- Toggling between SD and HD on youtube.com causes a crash on Broadcom Graphics Accelerators.
- Audio Stream stays open when playback is paused not allowing computers to be place to sleep
- Clicking on/off HQ or HD button on some of the Youtube and CastTV.com trailer videos causes intermittent crash.
- On certain graphics cards, green artifacts appear when seeking in video.
- [FP-1399] Videos on nbc.com do not play on Linux OSes.
- With hardware decoding, cbs.com pause/play video buttons and seeking function intermittently.
- On Systems with XP and ATI Graphics cards, hulu.com video can hang after a seek
- On systems with a Broadcom Graphics Accelerator, seeking on youtube.com videos can result in a crash.
- On the Mac PPC, Safari crashes when streaming a video from some web pages
- Audio sync issues when streaming FLV over RTMPE on systems with a Broadcom Graphics Accelerator.
- Some videos have their first few frames dropped on systems with a Broadcom Graphics Accelerator.
- Some videos crash intermittently on a Broadcom Graphcis Accelerator.
- [FP-3081] Some videos on http://www.cbc.ca/video/ never begin playing on Linux OSes
- Americanidol.com videos play only on mouse move in Firefox browser in Vista 64-bit OS

# Text/Text Input:
- [FP-3742, FP-3186] Characters appearing twice when typing in a text input field
- Escaping and then unescaping 4 Japanese characters doesn´t unescape the last character. (2504228)
- In multiline input text field, ´End´ key does not work correctly. It moves caret to left of last character.
- [FP-3562] In certain situations (https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/dining.aspx) only one text line displayed in fields with multiple lines.

# General:
- General stability and performance improvements
- [FP-383] ExternalInterface.objectID is not set
- Performance has decreased for the ByteArray and Vector objects. (2498076)
- Settings UI does not respond to clicks. Firefox Only / PPC. (2501976)
- [FP-3226] Flash objects have to be clicked once before interaction is possible using the mouse
- Clipboard keyboard shortcuts don´t function in Safari 3 and Safari 4. (2472648)
- [FP-3354] Certain games at the Atari site can cause a crash
- [FP-3411] Performance of ByteArray and Vector classes dramatically lower than Flash Player 10. Runtime error 1221 is thrown on every third loaded image
- Performance of describeType() has degraded.
- File Reference filtering does not work properly on Mac OS.
- [Bugzilla 539328] describeType(Interface) output changed in FP v10.1
- [Bugzilla 487938] On Windows, invoking a modal dialog during a JavaScript animation with SWF content causes Firefox to crash
- [FP-792] Class registered with registerClassAlias is accessible through different application domain.
- [FP-3238] FileReference.download defaultFileName is broken in OS X.
- Rollover events don’t work properly in Mac OS X and Firefox in certain circumstances
- AMF serialization doesn´t work correctly with multiple ApplicationDomains
- jibjab.com videos control toolbar does not respond properly to the mouse moves in IE browser
- On Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, In the Google Chrome or Opera browsers, right-clicking to brings up the context menu at the bottom left of the desktop.
- [Bugzilla 534857] Flash Player Beta 10.1 disables Crash-reporter (Breakpad) in Firefox on Windows
- ActionScript object creation in 10.1 is more than 50% slower than it was in 10.0
- [FP-3526] On the Mac OS with Firefox, Flash Player playback pauses when bookmarks opened
- [FP-3530] Safari crashes or quit suddenly on the Mac when switching to next scenario during play of http://www.scarygirl.com/world.php
- [FP-3568] Some games fail to load (http://www.greatdaygames.com/games/alus-revenge.aspx) in Internet Explorer.

# Browser
- [FP-3765] Full screen mode doesn´t work in Chrome
- Firefox crashes when visiting Blackberry site while spoofing as IE (Bugzilla 476580)
- In Chrome, Flash Player crash @ memcpy (29556)
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