Firefox 14 Beta 6

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News del 07 Giugno 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Firefox 14 Beta 6
Note di rilascio:

Our fFF14 desktop beta is FF14 beta 6 to line up with Fennec Native versioning see "back on the trains" diagram (note 6/15 is a moving target)

Starting with Firefox 14 beta we are refreshing the site identity UI for desktop.

Goals for this design are:

- Reduce redundancy in main UI by only having one favicon that lives in the tab
- Increase security by removing the ability for websites to spoof the favicon
- (Re) Introduce a consistent encryption indicator
- Streamline the URL bar and its contents for Australis
- Have a consistent location for accessing the identity panel
- Retain the drag target for bookmarks

Note: These changes apply to all platforms

Sites that have mixed encrypted and unencrypted content display a small warning icon.

Additional next steps for improving security UI include:

- A streamlined and more easily readable identity panel
- Exposing more information about your relationship with the site e.g. how many times have you been there
- Notifying you if you are submitting sensitive data over unencrypted connections
- Notifying you if you are submitting data to a site for the first time

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