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News del 22 Marzo 02 Autore: fabionapoli

Rilasciato l'aggiornamento a Feurio 1.65, sicuramente uno dei migliori programmi di masterizzazione audio presenti sul mercato.

    Version 1.65:
  • Feurio! CD-Manager:
    Error corrections:
    - Unicode coded MP3-Tags:
    mp3-Tags coded in Unicode format are now displayed correctly
    - Covereditor: Copying the track list:
    When the track list was copied, most format information (e.g. the format of the track numbers) was not copied as well -> Corrected
  • Feurio! CD-Writer:
    New CD burners
    The following burners are now also supported:
    - Yamaha CRW-3200E (incl. CD-Text, Audio HQ-Mode)
    - Yamaha CRW-70 (incl. CD-Text)
    - Plextor Plexwriter 40/12/40A (incl. CD-Text)
    - Plextor Plexwriter PX-S88TU (incl. CD-Text)
    - Lite-ON LTR 32123S (incl. CD-Text)
    - CyberDrive CW058D (incl. CD-Text)
    - TDK CyClone CD-Writer 32/10/40 (incl. CD-Text)
    - Toshiba SD-R 1002 (DVD-Combined drive; incl. CD-Text)
    - Toshiba SD-R 1102 (DVD-Combined drive; incl. CD-Text)
    - Toshiba SD-R 1202 (DVD-Combined drive; incl. CD-Text)
    - Brainwave BP-6N / 1600P (no guarantee)
    - HP CD-Writer cd16r (no guarantee)
    - Matsushita UJDA 720 (no guarantee)
    - Philips 241240 (no guarantee)
    - Sony CRX 165A1 (no guarantee)
    Corrections have been made for the following burners:
    - Aopen CRW 9624
    - Aopen CRW 2040
    - Ricoh MP6200A/S
  • Burn-Proof-Counter for Plextor burners:
    From now, after burning or simulation Plextor burners will also report whether (and how often) Burn-Proof "pounced".
  • Burn-Proof-Counter / Audio Master Quality Recording for Yamaha 3200E:
    From now, the Yamaha 3200e reports after burning whether (and how often) Burn-Proof "pounced". Furthermore, as of now "Audio Master Quality Recording Mode" is supported.
  • Display of the current burn speed:
    As requested by many users, the Progress Dialog in "Expanded mode" now shows the current writing speed and the average writing speed.
  • Support for "VariRec":
    Plextor's new "VariRec" (manual change of the laser power) is now supported as well.
  • Speed selection: Display the recording mode:
    Quick CD burners (all burners faster than 16x) no longer burn at a constant speed but at different speeds. There are different methods (partial CAV, ZONE CLV, ..).
    Therefore, as of now, - as far as we know - Feurio! shows the recording mode in the speed selection box after the speed, i.e. e.g. "12x (CLV)" stands for constant recording speed 12x, "24x (Partial CAV)" for recording in Partial CAV mode (up to a certain point, slow increase in the speed, then constant recording speed).
    This display is not yet available on all burners, we will gradually ascertain this information for all burners for which we have got test models available and include it in Feurio!
  • Changes to the Writer drivers:
    As already described in version 1.62, we are currently changing CD writers to a new driver concept.
    In this version, the following writers have been "transferred":
    Yamaha CDR 200/400/4001, CRW-2260/4260 and compatible (e.g. Traxdata CRW 2260/4260, Waitec 4046)
    Philips CDD 3600/3610, and compatible (e.g. Traxdata CDRW 2260 EL PRO, Traxdata CDRW 2260 Plus, Cyberdrive 602, Nomai 680.RW, Lifetec CD-RW LT 9875)
    Hewlett-Packard Surestore 7100i/7200i and compatible (e.g. BTC BCE 62IE, Philips CDD 3600, Memorex 1622, Wearnes CDRW-622, Acer CD-R/RW 6206A)

Pagina di riferimento

English Installation Package (2.416.640 Bytes)

Multi-Language Installation Package (5.013.504 Bytes)

Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000

Licenza Shareware

Autore Jens Fangmeier's

Data dell'aggiornamento 21/03/2002
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