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News del 02 Novembre 07 Autore: Alberto
FeedReader 3.11
Nuova versione ( ancora BETA )di quest´ottimo lettore di feed RSS gratuito e localizzato anche in italiano.

  • Improved user interface
  • Radically simplified user interface
  • One-click access for different view modes
  • Popular "River Of News" view
  • Grouping headlines by source, date or tag
  • Possibility to add and remove columns from view
  • Powerful filtering and smartfeed engine
  • Ultimate configurability, every normal feed can be converted to smartfeed and vice versa
  • Possibility to combine multiple feeds to one feed
Perfomance improvements
  • Speedier handling of large number of feeds
  • Faster startup and shutdown times
  • Smart feed updates - unique algorithm that learns the update frequency of feeds and triggers the updates only when needed
  • Enclosures and podcasting support
  • Tagging support
  • Nested folder support
  • Full Unicode support
  • Secure (SSL) connection support
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer

Latest Changes:

  • New experimental feature added - now it´s possible to show notification in some feed/smartfeed with added importance. This means that notification pops up in the middle of screen, it´s highlighted and also it does not time out after some seconds. This mea
  • Made it possible to change behavior of minimize button
  • There is new connection test functionality. You can find it from connection options or when there is problem with new feed adding. This functionality helps to track connection problems and problems with proxies
  • Disabled Javascript on local webpages (ie articles) because of security reasons. If you really need to enable Javascript on local webpages, please add enablejavascriptonlocalpages=1 to feedreader.ini under [misc] section
  • Added new command under Enclosure Browser - "Generate playlist from selected files". This creates playlist from selected files, you can use playlist for example in Winamp
  • Reworked enclosure downloading a little bit (bottom left corner). Now it shows downloading progress in better manner and download box header has more consistent look
  • It´s possible to download password protected enclosures from password protected feeds
  • It´s possible to use alternate row coloring in Feedreader if you add alternaterowcoloring=1 under [misc] section in Feedreader
  • Tab orders changed in options dialogs
  • Passive mode added for FTP synchonization
  • Fixed some bugs that were introduced in 3.10 and were about articles view scrolling
  • We tried to get column sizes and positions to save correctly
  • We changed program license a little bit to state that Feedreader can also be used in corporate environment without need to pay any license fees
  • For Feedreader OEM version we added feature that lets you use local files or network server locations (\serversharefile.xml) as feed
  • Korean translation added
  • Japanese translation added

    Chinese translations added


La Versione 2.9 è adatta per computer più datati come sistema operativo e come potenza del processore.

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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware/Opensource

Dimensioni: 4,4 Mb

OS: Win2000/XP/2003//Vista

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