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News del 17 Maggio 12 Autore: Alberto

Rilasciata una nuova release di FeedDemon, sicuramente il più completo dei Feed Reader.

Numerosissime sono le sue funzionalità che permettono di configurare la lettura dei feed RSS di qualsiasi tipo nel modo migliore e voluto.


 Traduzione italiana amia cura


  • Removed: Sharing features that relied on Google Reader (here´s why)
  • Added: "Most Visited" and "Recently Closed" added to new tab page
  • Added: "Photo Strip" newspaper style (Pro version only)
  • Added: Improved relevancy of recommended articles
  • Added: Ctr+0 shortcut to return the embedded browser to normal (100%) zoom
  • Changed: Improved initial startup time
  • Changed: Hiding all buttons on a toolbar now hides the toolbar itself
  • Changed: FeedDemon now asks whether to assign feeds to a content filter after creating it
  • Fixed: Sporadic crashes showing context menus after upgrading to IE9
  • Fixed: Potential nuisance flaw in feed preview which could allow external feed to display popups (hat tip to JPCERT/CC for reporting this flaw)
  • Fixed: "My Stream" doesn´t update when FeedDemon isn´t the active application and the stream is not undocked
  • Fixed: Dragging a feed into another folder doesn´t re-sort the destination folder
  • Fixed: Longer URLs in the address bar appear beneath feed and share icons
  • Fixed: Spurious "new items received" message when viewing all unread items
  • Fixed: Auto-downloading of enclosures enabled in v3 causes Lite v4 to open enclosures in browser
  • Fixed: Flicker caused by images of people you follow when unread/starred counts are updated on subscription home page
  • Fixed: Tray icon still indicates unread articles if update is cancelled and all articles have been read
  • Fixed: Updating a single folder may fail if a previous folder update was cancelled
  • Fixed: Links in the stream browser are opened in an external browser if they use target="_blank"
  • Fixed: Watches fail to group articles by their source feed when grouping by feed in Surfer style
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of Twitter search feeds in "My Stream"
  • Fixed: Incorrect date grouping in news item list
  • Fixed: Unicode characters may cause "Find New Feeds" to fail in certain locales
  • Fixed: Leading spaces in article links cause them to fail when opened in external IE7/IE8
  • Fixed: "Send to Twitter" no longer works
  • Fixed: "Send to Delicious" no longer works
  • Fixed: FeedDemon fails to login to Google Apps accounts that use same email address as "normal" Google account
  • Fixed: YouTube and Vimeo HTML5 videos fail to appear in FeedDemon´s newspaper
  • Fixed: Feed preview launches external browser for embedded videos in feeds
  • Fixed: Buttons obscured in feed selection dialog when using font size other than default
  • Removed: "Enable transitions" removed from the Appearance tab in Options (due to compatibility issues with IE9)



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