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News del 20 Maggio 09 Autore: Alberto
FeedDemon 3.0 RC1 (Build
<style> P { margin: 0px; } </style> <P>Prosegue lo sviluppo della&nbsp; nuova versione - <STRONG>in BETA, passata alla versione 3</STRONG>&nbsp;-&nbsp;di FeedDemon sicuramente il più completo dei Feed Reader. Numerosissime sono le sue funzionalità che permettono di configurare la lettura dei feed RSS di qualsiasi tipo nel modo migliore e voluto.</P> <P><BR>&nbsp;</P> <P><U><FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(255,255,170)"><BR></FONT></U></P> <H5><FONT color=#0000ff size=1>Reading Feeds</FONT></H5> <UL> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Newspaper Format</STRONG>: When you select a channel, FeedDemon's tabbed browser displays the channel's news items in a newspaper for easy reading. You can display a newspaper of news items for an entire folder or view one feed at a time. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>News Bins</STRONG>: Store news items in a central location and provide a handy way to collect items from different channels. If you find an interesting item that you might want to read again, just store it in a news bin for future reference. News Bins are synchronized through the NewsGator Online platform, so you can read these items from FeedDemon on other computers as well as other NewsGator readers. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Synchronization</STRONG>: Read a post in FeedDemon and it is marked as read in other NewsGator readers. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Shared Experience</STRONG>: See what news is popular with other NewsGator users and find out who is linking to the news you're reading. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Video</STRONG>: Watch embedded video right within the newspaper view. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Panic Button</STRONG>: Ever gone on vacation and gotten a little behind on your reading? The Panic Button solves this and many other problems by quickly marking all older items read. </FONT></FONT></LI></UL> <H5><FONT color=#0000ff size=1>Finding Feeds</FONT></H5> <UL> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Watches</STRONG>: Look for keywords in news items as they're downloaded. After you create a watch, it examines every incoming news item whenever any channel is updated. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>News Comes To You</STRONG>: Subscribe to feeds from all over the web or choose some of the dozens of default feeds. </FONT></FONT> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Search</STRONG>: Search outside of FeedDemon's subscriptions by selecting a feed search engine, then enter your keyword, and FeedDemon will subscribe to a dynamic channel containing the search results for that keyword. </FONT></FONT></LI></UL> <H5><FONT color=#0000ff size=1>Other</FONT></H5> <UL> <LI class=orngBullet><FONT size=1><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG>Podcasts</STRONG>: Powerful podcasting tools enable you to download audio files and automatically copy them to your iPod or other media player. The bundled FeedStation utility enables you to schedule your downloads so they happen overnight while you're asleep. When you wake up, you'll find new audio waiting on your media player of choice. </FONT></FONT></LI></UL> <P><IMG align=absMiddle src="https://www.swzone.it/img/link.gif"><A href="http://www.bradsoft.com/feeddemon/beta/" target=_blank>Changelog della nuova versione</A></P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P><IMG border=0 align=absMiddle src="https://www.swzone.it/img/download_trad.gif">&nbsp;<A href="https://www.swzone.it/traduzioni"><FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow">Traduzione italiana a mia cura (aggiornata alla presente release)</FONT></A></P> <P>&nbsp;</P>
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