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Fast Boot/Fast Resume for the Windows Platform
Customer research has shown that one of the most frequently requested features that users want from their PCs is fast system startup, whether from cold boot or when resuming from standby or hibernation. The Windows development team at Microsoft has taken bold steps in making fast startup PCs a reality with Microsoft® Windows® XP, the next release of the Windows operating system.

This page provides tools and guidelines for system manufacturers who want to improve boot and resume times for new PCs.

The design goals for the consumer version of Windows XP on a typical consumer PC are:

-Boot to a useable state in a total of 30 seconds
-Resume from Hibernate (S4) in a total of 20 seconds
-Resume from Standby (S3) in a total of 5 seconds

Boot and resume times are measured from the time the power switch is pressed to being able to start a program from a desktop shortcut.

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