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News del 18 Maggio 04 Autore: Canaro
Interessante software con cui si riesce tramite un semplice wizard a convertire i DVD in AVI nei formati Divx e Xvid. Veramente da provare. Fairuse esegue direttamente il ripping del DVD dal lettore portandolo su hard disk in un formato proprietario, dopodichè esegue la conversione in base ai parametri impostati nel wizard.FairUse is a DVD backup software designed to be very easy to use. A step-by-step "wizard" interface makes turning DVD into high quality DivX or XviD files a breeze. Please note that you should only use it to make backups of DVDs you already own. Main features :
  • High quality DVD to XviD and DivX conversion
  • Supports AC3, MP3 and OggVorbis audio
  • Supports AVI, OGM, and MKV containers
  • Subtitles demuxing or embedding
  • Accurate file splittingVersion history : .42b : changed: - upgraded to XviD 1.0 - no "session.nn" added to the file name when there is only one session 0.42a : fixed: - fixed the green line at the top of the picture changed: - using the HVS Good (bitrate < 1000 kb/s) or HVS Best (bitrate >= 1000 kb/s) custom MPEG matrix - the director's comments audio tracks are explicitly shown (provided the DVD was correctly mastered) 0.42 : IMPORTANT NOTE: With this version, the project and chain file formats have been changed. You should finish any current sessions before trying to use this version. added: - added PCM audio support - added MPEG audio support - added a check for audio track when no audio track is added to the encoding fixed: - audio boost should now work as intended - fixed the flickering bottom line that would sometimes appear with BOB deinterlace - the subtitles are now rotated too when rotating the picture - the invalid character issue is solved - fixed some minor glitches Completa localizzazione in italiano
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    Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

    Licenza: Freeware

    Dimensioni: 4 Mb

    OS: Tutti i Windows

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