Faber Toys 2.5.240

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Faber Toys 2.5.240
Faber Toys è una utility per utenti avanzati che permette di eseguire le operazioni sotto descritte e che è localizzata anche in italiano.Dependencies List of all running processes List of all modules loaded by a process For each process are displayed the command line, PID, memory, number of threads, priority, version, description, Parent process For each module are displayed the date, size, ActiveX status, version, description Possibility of Export in XHTML, HTML or TXT format the information related to all modules of a process Change priority of a process Kill a process (soft way - closing the windows - or hard way) Autorefresh Process List with custom interval Highlight Services (NT only) Show Properties Show deep information (see 'Examine File' section) Copy selected files path (normal or 8.3 DOS) in clipboard Copy files in clipboard or directly into a folder Copy path of all processes in clipboard Open the directory where the file is located AutoRun View Show details (Icon, Full Path, Description, if Running, Modified date) of every program launched at system startup Possibility of Show Properties Delete / Restore items Go to specific registry key or startup directory Execute selected item If running, select relative process in Dependencies window Examine File / Details Simple info (Date, Size, ActiveX status, Version, Description) PE analysis Image Info Sections Function Exported (decorated / undecorated) Imported Modules Function imported by others modules History of recent files Possibility of Show Properties Export in XHTML, HTML or TXT format the informations Search for specific function Program AliasesList all System Alias with related Icon, Path, Description, Working Directory, Modified Date Invalid Aliases are shown in red (ready to be deleted) Unuseful Aliases (those who does not have a '.' in the name) are grayed Possibility of Show Properties Edit, Delete, Add new Alias Run selected Alias Windows Explorer Hierarchically view of all existing windows Possibility of Filter to show only visible windows Read / Edit properties (hWnd, Class, Text, Visible, Enabled, Position, WindowState, Icon, Unicode status) Close window
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Donazione

Dimensioni: 2.2 Mb

OS: Windows All

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