F-Secure Distributed Firewall 5.37

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News del 31 Dicembre 02 Autore: Eymerich
Ogni produttore di antivirus che si rispetti fornisce ormai anche un personal firewall. Oggi vi proponiamo l'offerta di F-Secure per Windows XP.When you are connected to the Internet your computer is exposed to hackers trying to find "open doors" in your system. Whether you are connecting from home or from corporate network, data inside your computer can easily be stolen, accessed, attacked or otherwise misused remotely by outsiders. F-Secure Distributed Firewall is an easy to use profiles based personal firewall product, which protects your computer from intentional and random break-in attempts while you are connected to the network. It closes the door for hackers and eliminates new vulnerabilities. F-Secure Distributed Firewall also alerts you whenever someone is trying to hack or attack your computer. New in version 5.37 * Improved support for WindowsXP * Alerting of hacking attempts - find out when unauthorized tracking has been blocked * Ease of use - After installation configure the product by selecting the optimal security level (e.g. paranoid, normal, no_rules) for you.
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Categoria: Sicurezza

Licenza: Shareware - $48

Dimensioni: 9 Mb

OS: Windows XP

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