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News del 26 Ottobre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Evernote è un sistema dektop e online che permette di catturare parti del Web, organizzarle attraverso tag, accedervi online successivamente, condividerle con gli altri e visualizzarle in sincronia su computer e dispositivi mobili.

Note di rilascio:

Today has been quite a day of Windows updates. We launched Skitch for Windows Desktop and Windows 8, and we launched Evernote for Windows 8. But that’s not all. Evernote for Windows Desktop (4.5.9) also got an update today that adds a great Skitch integration and an improved notebook sharing process.

Skitch and Evernote
The new Skitch for Windows Desktop is tightly integrated with Evernote. The apps are designed to talk to one another directly.

Starting in Skitch
When you create a Skitch note and choose to save it, you’ll see that it saves directly to Evernote on your desktop. Once in Evernote, the Skitch note will appear with a pink bar along the top of the note that lets you open and edit the note back in Skitch.

Starting in Evernote
You can also create a new Skitch note right from the Evernote app in two ways. We’ve added a New Skitch Note button to the New Note drop down. When you choose to do that, Skitch for Windows Desktop opens with a blank canvas. You can also right click on an image inside of a note and choose the Markup with Skitch option to open the image in Skitch.

Improved Notebook Sharing
Sharing notebooks is a much more streamlined experience in this update. When you choose to share a notebook, you will be presented with a popup that walks you through the sharing flow.

You can invite easily invite individuals to the notebook and update permission for anyone at any time.

And more
In addition to these new features, we made the app more reliable than ever. Let us know what you think of the new update.
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