Encrypted FTP

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News del 26 Luglio 04 Autore: Alberto
Encrypted FTP
Nuova versione per quest'ottimo programma che serve a mettere in piedi un server FTP, ma che comprende anche un client FPT.EFTP stands for Encrypted File Transfer Protocol. Basically, it's the same as standard FTP (RFC 959), but with Encryption. EFTP uses a combination of Public Key encryption and Symmetric Key encryption to allow fast and secure transfers over any TCP/IP network, including The Internet. Features -Secure communications between client & server using RSA encryption/decryption -Secure transfers using Blowfish encryption/decryption -Automated transfers via scripting support (can be used in conjunction with external schedulers) -Secure SSL based Web Administration Portal, which can also be customized -High speed transfers in both encrypted and non-encrypted mode -Security features to ensure highest level of security -IP allow/deny list -Intruder Detection support -Direct Connect, Proxy & Socks support for client -Virtual Links support -Enforceable "Terms and Conditions" - in case you require legal conformity to your site. -Resume uploads & downloads -Highly configurable client & server EFTP is also able to work in non-encrypted mode with 3rd party FTP clients and servers, but to obtain the most secure level of data transfer, EFTP has to be used both at the client end and server end. EFTP3 will be free for non-commercial use. Commercial users will be able to purchase EFTP directly from us to use in their corporate environments, where security is paramount.Data: 25/07/2004
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware x uso non commerciale

Dimensioni: 2,85 Mb

OS: Win 98/ME/2K/XP

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