Easy CD-DA Extractor 10.0.4

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News del 11 Gennaio 07 Autore: Blybly
Easy CD-DA Extractor 10.0.4

Rilasciata una nuova release per Easy CD-DA Extractor, ottimo programma per estrarre, convertire e scrivere tracce audio digitali.


Rips Audio CD´s - Creates perfect copies of CD´s

High performance CD-rippingCopies "Copy-Protected" CD´sReads badly scratched CD´sReports errors on the diskDownload disc data from the freedbAdvanced sound processingCreates Cue Sheets (.cue)Creates Playlists (.m3u)Supports CD-TextSupports ID3, ID3V2, and other format specific metadataConverts audio files from one format to another


Convert audio files from a format to another

Advanced sound processingSplits Cue Sheets (.cue) and encodes them to individual filesSupports ID3, ID3V2, and other format specific metadataCreates Audio CD´s


Writes Audio CD´s that are compatible with all CD-players

Writes CD-TextSupports Cue Sheet (.cue) filesSupports buffer underrun prevention technologies


Novità della versione 10.0.4

  • Coding Technologies AAC and aacPlus encoder v8.0. Sound quality improvements.
  • Updated MP3 encoder to LAME 3.97. Sound quality improvements.
  • Support for converting & burning 24-bit files
  • Support for converting & burning files with samplerate > 48kHz (e.g. 96kHz, 192kHz)
  • Added options "Create new ´filename (n)´", "Overwrite", and "Skip" to the Audio File Format Converter´s output file handling
  • ID3V2 "Cover Art" metadata workaround: If the ID3V2 tag of source file does not contain COVER ART image, the default image of the file is read instead
  • Bugfix: ID3V2 metadata field "Composer" reading/writing fixed.
  • Bugfix: MP3 VBR (lame)header bug fixed.
  • Bugfix: Source files were not always deleted when the "Delete source file after successful conversion" was enabled. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Sound quality error in LAME 3.97 encoder caused by the C++ compiler optimization fixed. (now produces bit-to-bit exact sound quality as the official LAME 3.97 command line encoder)
  • Bugfix: A bug in sample rate conversion fixed
  • Bugfix: Burning an Audio CD froze the program occasionally on some systems. Fixed with the new MP3 decoder (old MP3 decoder had a memory leak that was causing the problem)


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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Free Tial 30gg EUR 33.86

Dimensioni: 7.3 Mb

OS: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

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