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News del 02 Agosto 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Upgrade alla versione v5.3.0.114 di Easy CD Creator Basic , forse il più famoso software di masterizzazione in circolazione.Molte le novità in questa release.
  • Adds support for DVD+RW drives
  • Pre-mastering for DVD+RW drives
  • Full Mt Rainier support
  • Full implementation of PW for DVD+RW
  • 32x drive support
  • USB 2 support
  • Add Mixed Mode and Enhanced CD to Basic version
  • UDF 1.02/1.5 compatibility test suite:
  • Philips OSTA tool, SAI, Microsoft and Apple
  • Change CD Copier to Disc Copier, add DVD support
  • DCD speed set to max speed only
  • JustSpeed recording support
  • Implement the latest Round Rock spec (version X10): accurate display and time remaining info
  • High speed and ultra high speed correct media messaging
  • Display accurate device info (Mode Sense)
  • Ability to suppress blank media detection for DCD and ECDC
  • Upgrade pointing to static localized page on HDD
  • CAV and zoned CLV drive support with appropriate messaging
  • Data integrity check after mastering
  • Create discs from ISO or proprietary disc images
  • Bootable CD changes: retain boot files for future use
  • Add time to completion during file preparation phase
  • Copy protection message to user for CSS protected DVD’s
  • DVD 2.4x Speed
  • New CDDB II
  • DVD+R drives support
  • Warning message when creating a Multi-sessions DVD disc with Creator
  • Update the EULA’s - Incorporates MP3 Pro info
  • Plextor Vari-Rec support
  • New USB 2.20 support and new messaging
  • Help file changes – Reference to DVD+R is add to the Dell HTML pages
  • Remove the EULA in the users manual
  • Remove Tech Support from the users manual Dimensioni 11210 KBUpdate Freeware Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000
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