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News del 29 Novembre 03 Autore: Alberto
Easimp3 è un innovativo player/manager di mp3 e CD. Latest Features*New Internal Mp3 Player A new player is being tested in this version, it seems ok to me, it plays all of my mp3s properly with a good sound quality. *Colour coded ratings: Easimp3 can change artist/album/tracks icons to indicate their rating making it easy to find good music *Auto Rating Automatically increase the rating of songs you play often *Enqueue to multiple playlists: Making multiple playlists is easy with this feature, just right click on song or video and you can add it to playlists stored in Easimp3 *Popups: Popup on system tray with song information when a song starts *Advanced Renaming: Easimp3 can now automatically rename mp3s exactly to your requirements using a script i.e Album - [Track#] - Title.mp3 *Sorting : Easimp3 will now maintain your sorting preferences so you can choose for example to arrange albums/artists by rating and tracks by track number Existing Features*Backup Tool: Easimp3 can now backup your mp3 library and even keep it synchronized so you never have to worry about losing mp3s again! Player:Easimp3 can now be made the default player for mp3s/playlists/CD *Auto Tag: Easimp3 is now able to search the freeDB database and find Album/Artist/Year and Genre data for mp3s. Usefull for songs with none or incomplete tags *Auto CD Cover: Easimp3 is now able to search the covertarget database and find album covers for common albums *Mp3 Organiser: Mp3 Organiser sorts your mp3s into an organised folder structure eg: Year/Artist/Album/Song It can be customized to include these properties Decade/Year/Genre/Mood/Artist/Album *AutoLyrics: Instant online access to song lyrics (azlyrics.com) *Ratings: Easimp3 can now rate tracks, and sorting by rating is now possible Highly intuitive and flexible customisable display. Media Management facilities (add/remove/sort etc) Mp3/CD/Video player (+freeCDDB support). Sorts mp3s into Artists,Albums,Genres,Moods,Years and even Decades. Web Library Integration, mp3 links clicked on play in Easimp3. Powerful search facility (search by song,artist,album,genre,folder). Bookmarks support. Supports lyrics, album covers, ID3v1, ID3v2, FIF tags. Audio formats mp3,mp2,wma,cda,snd,wav. Video formats asf,asx,wmv,wmp,mpg,mpeg,avi,m1v,mpv2. Playlist Formats *.pls *.m3u AND *.b4s "Windows Address Bar" style drop down menu can be used to quickly access the music library. Handy system tray control. Player mode (takes a lot less screen space). Extra small player mode (really compact). Flexible Library Display (even option for Ipod Style Listings) Automatic playlists creation and management. Creation of webpages and websites based on mp3s. Export mp3 library as database (txt and xml formats supported). ID3 Tagging by reading songs filename (split into title,artist,album). An Mp3 Dj which creates playlists based on criteria (multiple criterias). Mp3 Alarm clock. Totally drag/drop compatible, easy to quickly build playlists. Il programma necessita della Java di Microsoft.
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 1,05 Mb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP

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