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News del 26 Novembre 02 Autore: Canaro
Interessante e utile programma tramite il quale è possibile controllare tutti i dati che passano attraverso la scheda di rete o il modem. Con Ethereal è possibile scoprire eventuali applicazioni che inviano dati di nascosto e sapere esattamente dove sono diretti. La quantità di informazioni che si ottengono con questo software è talmente elevata che si rimane per un attimo costernati dalla mole. L'interfaccia di Ethereal è in perfetto stile Linux in quanto è nato per questa piattaforma e poi in seguito sviluppato anche per Windows.FEATURES At the present time, Ethereal has enough functionality to be useful, but it's far from complete. It's still beta software, and new features and bug fixes are being added all the time. Here is the list of features, current as of version 0.9.3, in no particular order: Data can be captured "off the wire" from a live network connection, or read from a capture file. Ethereal can read capture files from tcpdump (libpcap), NAI's Sniffer™ (compressed and uncompressed), Sniffer™ Pro, NetXray™, Sun snoop and atmsnoop, Shomiti/Finisar Surveyor, AIX's iptrace, Microsoft's Network Monitor, Novell's LANalyzer, RADCOM's WAN/LAN Analyzer, HP-UX nettl, i4btrace from the ISDN4BSD project, Cisco Secure IDS iplog, the pppd log (pppdump-format), the AG Group's/WildPacket's EtherPeek/TokenPeek/AiroPeek, or Visual Networks' Visual UpTime. It can also read traces made from Lucent/Ascend WAN routers and Toshiba ISDN routers, as well as the text output from VMS's TCPIPtrace utility and the DBS Etherwatch utility for VMS. Any of these files can be compressed with gzip and Ethereal will decompress them on the fly. Live data can be read from Ethernet, FDDI, PPP, Token-Ring, IEEE 802.11, Classical IP over ATM, and loopback interfaces (at least on some platforms; not all of those types are supported on all platforms). Captured network data can be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode "tethereal" program. Capture files can be programmatically edited or converted via command-line switches to the "editcap" program. 325 protocols can currently be dissected: 802.11 MGT, AARP, AFP, AFS (RX), AH, AIM, AJP13, AODV, AODV6, ARP/RARP, ASAP, ASP, ATM, ATM LANE, ATP, Auto-RP, BACapp, BACnet, BEEP, BGP, BOOTPARAMS, BOOTP/DHCP, BOSSVR, BROWSER, BVLC, CDP, CDS_CLERK, cds_solicit, CFLOW, CGMP, CHDLC, CLNP, CLTP, CONV, COPS, CoSine, COTP, CPHA, cprpc_server, CUPS, Data, DCCP, DCE_DFS, DCERPC, DCERPC_NT, DDP, DDTP, DEC_STP, DFS, DHCPv6, Diameter, DLSw, DNS, DNSSERVER, DSI, DTSPROVIDER, DTSSTIME_REQ, DVMRP, EAP, EAPOL, EIGRP, EPM, ESIS, ESP, Ethernet, FDDI, FIX, FLDB, FR, Frame, FTP, FTP-DATA, FTSERVER, FW-1, GIOP, GMRP, GNUTELLA, GRE, GSS-API, GTP, GTPv0, GTPv1, GVRP, H1, H.261, HCLNFSD, HSRP, HTTP, IAPP, IB, ICAP, ICMP, ICMPv6, ICP, ICQ, IEEE 802.11, IGMP, IGRP, ILMI, IMAP, IP, IPComp, IPP, IPv6, IPX, IPX MSG, IPX RIP, IPX SAP, IRC, ISAKMP, iSCSI, ISIS, ISL, ISUP, IUA, KLM, KRB5, KRB5RPC, L2TP, LACP, LANMAN, LAPB, LAPBETHER, LAPD, LDAP, LDP, LLAP, LLC, LMI, LMP, LPD, LSA, Lucent/Ascend, M2PA, M2TP, M2UA, M3UA, MAPI, MGMT, MMSE, Mobile IP, Modbus/TCP, MOUNT, MPEG1, MPLS, MRDISC, MSDP, MSNIP, MS Proxy, MTP2, MTP3, NBDS, NBIPX, NBNS, NBP, NBSS, NCP, NDMP, NDPS, NetBIOS, NETLOGON, NETLOGON, NFS, NFSACL, NFSAUTH, NIS+, NIS+ CB, NLM, NMPI, NNTP, NSPI, NTLMSSP, NTP, Null, OSPF, OXID, PCNFSD, PFLOG, PGM, PIM, POP, Portmap, PPP, PPP BACP, PPP BAP, PPP CBCP, PPP CCP, PPP CDPCP, PPP CHAP, PPP Comp, PPP IPCP, PPP LCP, PPP MP, PPP MPLSCP, PPPoED, PPPoES, PPP PAP, PPP PPPMux, PPP PPPMuxCP, PPP VJ, PPTP, Prism, Q.2931, Q.931, QLLC, QUAKE, QUAKE2, QUAKE3, QUAKEWORLD, RADIUS, RANAP, Raw, REMACT, REP_PROC, RIP, RIPng, Rlogin, RMI, roverride, RPC, RPC_BROWSER, rpriv, RQUOTA, RS_ACCT, RS_ATTR, rsec_login, RSH, rs_misc, RS_PGO, RS_REPADM, RS_REPLIST, RSTAT, RS_UNIX, RSVP, RTCP, RTMP, RTP, RTSP, RWALL, RX, SADMIND, SAMR, SAP, SCCP, SCCPMG, SCSI, SCTP, SDP, SECIDMAP, Serialization, SIP, SKINNY, SLARP, SliMP3, SLL, SMB, SMB Mailslot, SMB Pipe, SMPP, SMTP, SMUX, SNA, SNAETH, SNMP, Socks, Spnego, SPNEGO-KRB5, SPOOLSS, SPRAY, SPX, SPX, SRVLOC, SRVSVC, SSCOP, SSL, STAT, STAT-CB, STP, SUA, Syslog, TACACS, TACACS+, TAPI, TCP, TDS, TELNET, TFTP, TIME, TKN4Int, TNS, Token-Ring, TPKT, TR MAC, TSP, UBIKDISK, UBIKVOTE, UCP, UDP, V.120, Vines, Vines FRP, Vines SPP, VLAN, VRRP, VTP, WCCP, WCP, WHO, WINREG, WKSSVC, WSP, WTLS, WTP, X11, X.25, XDMCP, XOT, XYPLEX, YHOO, YPBIND, YPPASSWD, YPSERV, YPXFR, ZEBRA, ZIP, Output can be saved or printed as plain text or PostScript®. Data display can be refined using a display filter. Display filters can also be used to selectively highlight and color packet summary information. All or part of each captured network trace can be saved to disk.
  • Versione: 0.9.7
  • Dimensione: 8.1Mb
  • Data: 29/10/2002
  • Licenza: Freeware
  • Compatibilità: Win9x/Me/NT/XP/2000Ultima cosa, ma molto importante, per funzionare correttamente Ethereal necessita del driver gratuito Winpcap
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