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News del 26 Giugno 03 Autore: Canaro
[Taipei, 25 June 2003] –EPoX Computer Co. LTD (EPoX), a leading developer of quality mainboards for AMD enthusiasts, announced a superb choice to pair with the latest AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+ operating at 400MHz FSB, the EP-8KRA2+. Powered by the revolutionary VIA KT 600 and 8237, EP-8KRA2+ comes equipped with a rich set of specs — DDR 400 memory, AGP 8X graphics interface, Serial ATA RAID, IEEE 1394, and USB 2.0—delivering optimum application performance for gaming, home entertainment and business productivity, making it an ideal choice all round. The AGP 8X slot supports all the latest graphics cards and six PCI slots offer plenty of expansion potential. There are three DIMM sockets which can accommodate up to 3GB of system memory. In addition to the standard IDE port, the mainboard comes loaded with 2 additional IDE connectors from HPT-372 controller for RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 1.5 functions. On top of that, the onboard SATA controller provides two Serial ATA ports complete with RAID 0, 1 function. This brings the grand total of supported drives to ten. For convenient peripheral connection, EP-8KRA2+ provides eight USB ports compliant with USB 2.0 (four at rear panel), and two 1394 ports with up to 400Mbps data transfer rate. The board also incorporates 10/100 Ethernet LAN for those who need straightforward network connectivity. The onboard AC'97 codec delivers not only 6CH audio but is equipped with intelligent "Jack Sensing", a user friendly feature to ensure those confusing audio jacks are plugged correctly. As usual with EPoX, EPoX has added some handy features of its own to complement this offering. EPoX?fs POST Port LED error-code display is a valuable troubleshooting device that shows the POST codes while the PC boots up. By looking up the codes in the manual, you can quickly detect the error without time-consuming process. Magic Health reports the system status for every boot up to help detect faults early. EPoX Power BIOS offers abundant excellent overclocking settings via BIOS. EPoX, in addition, designed Magic Flash, a clever utility for automatically updating BIOS in Windows environment, making DOS-based flash utility or bootable diskette a thing of the past. Specifications of mainboard • 6 x PCI slots • 1 x AGP 8 x Slot colour coded purple • 3 x DDR400 DIMM slots • VIA VT6307 IEEE1394a with 2 ports by flywire bracket • 1 Floppy drive controller - 2 serial ports - 1 parallel port • 2 standard IDE ports for ATA-133, backwards compatible with ATA-33/66/100 • 4 USB 2.0 ports (8 option) • Onboard sound, 6 channel Jack Sensing ALC655 Audio • HPT372 RAID controller for additional 4 devices supporting RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and 1.5 • Standard ATX format 305 x 245mm • Onboard VIA PHY 10/100 LAN • Onboard Serial ATA support for 2 drives (including RAID) through VT8237 • Onboard P80P diagnostics LED • 3 Phase power solution for increased stability. Power BIOS features • Fully adjustable Voltage scheme with VDimm, VAGP, VDD and VccCore • Fully adjustable Frequency scheme with AGP/PCI lock, FSB and fine memory hone. • Magic Flash for web BIOS update • Magic Screen for custom boot display • Magic Health for quick reading of vital measurements at POST
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