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News del 02 Settembre 02 Autore: Canaro
Recensita su Hardware test la scheda madre Epox 8K5A3+Features The EPoX has some quite interesting features. Not only is there a RAID controller on the board, but it is one with 4 ports. This gives you the possibility of up to 8 hard drives with RAID. The board is also equipped with a so-called "P80P Diagnose display", which gives you information about what the board is doing. You can use this display to find errors on the board. If you overclocked it too much, the display will show an error code. This can be translated using the manual. This is a rather great and useful function. Conclusion It has been fun to test this mainboard from EPoX. This is of course due to its enormous potential for overclocking. I just wanted to mention it once again. I hope that EPoX is going to continue with this standard for its future mainboards. However they should take their design up for revision, which was rather pitiful. Same thing goes for the passive cooler on the chipset. They should have invested in a proper active cooler. The performance of the EPoX mainboard is quite good. Not very overwhelming, but it holds its ground. I do think that it is too bad to see yet another KT333 based mainboard when the KT400 is just around the corner. But what can you do. All in all I think that this is a good mainboard at the price. Positive -The performance -4 RAID ports -Diagnosis display -Overclocking potential Negative -Passive cooler -The Design
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