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News del 16 Agosto 02 Autore: Canaro
Recensita su TweakTown la scheda madre EPoX 8K5A3+, che se si mantiene all'altezza della 8K3A+ direi che siamo a livelli di eccellenza assoluta.Specifications CPU Supports AMD Duron 600MHz ~ 1.2+ GHz @ 200MHz FSB Supports AMD Athlon 700MHz ~ 1.2GHz @ 200MHz FSB Supports AMD Athlon 1GHz ~ 1.4GHz @ 266MHz FSB Supports AMD AthlonXP 1500+ ~ 2000+ @266MHz FSB Chipset VIA KT333 Chipset VIA KT333 Northbridge VIA VT8235 Southbridge V-Link @ 533MB/s Interconnect Bus Frequency 100MHz/133MHz Internal 200MHz/266MHz External Supports DDR-200, DDR-266, DDR-333 Memory Alpha EV6 Communication Bus Expansion Slots 1 AGP 2x, 4x 6 PCI Expansion Ports 1 PS2 Keyboard Port 1 PS2 Mouse Port 6 USB Ports 2.0 (4 rear accessible, 2 via optional expansion bus) 2 Serial Ports 1 Parallel Port 3 Audio Ports (Audio out front, Line in, Microphone) 1 Midi/game Port (via Expansion Bracket) Special Features BIOS Control of FSB, VCore, VDimm, VAgp settings VIA Rhine II 10/100 NIC Highpoint HPT374 Quad Channel RAIDConclusion EPoX has once again, as they have done in the past, put together an ultimate AMD motherboard. Just about every board, even the 7KXA, that is based for AMD that comes from the EPoX shelf has offered a great deal of performance for a small cash price. The 8K5A3+ overclocking was remarkable. Supporting up to 2.0v on the CPU VCore adds the overclocking arena for EPoX, allowing for ultra cooling rigs to be installed and the CPU pushed well beyond the limits of sanity. Performance even without overclocking is without a doubt one of the best of the KT333 arena, and the inclusion of the VT9235 Southbridge just adds more pleasure to the works - Pros Fast Stable as a rock Ultra overclocking options Quad Channel RAID - Cons Placement of the floppy connector could do with some more thought. Active cooling for KT333 Northbridge could be better
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