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News del 25 Aprile 03 Autore: Canaro
Recensita su VRZone l'ultima scheda madre nata in casa Epox per piattaforma Intel, e dotata del promettente chipset 875P, con supporto nativo alle DDR400 e serial ATA.Conclusion EPoX 4PCA3+ board is best recommended for consumers who want good performance and stability, excellent overclockability, decent board features and bundle and most importantly at a more affordable price as compared to other 875P boards in the market Board features, Bundle & Pricing : 85 vrmarks EPoX 4PCA3+ comes in a cool white box but still sports their usual greenish PCB. If this board comes in Black, Red or Blue PCB, i am sure i will attract more attention among the hardware enthusiasts. 4PCA3+ comes with some nice board features like the HighPoint 374 RAID controller that supports 4 ATA-133 IDE Channels with RAID 0, 1 and 0/1 support, Broadcom Gigabit LAN as well as the useful onboard Debug LED. EPoX doesn't include any additional components on the board and expensive accessories bundled that add up to the overall cost therefore i can expect this board to be one of the cheapest among the rest of the 875P boards in the market. BIOS & Overclockability : 95 vrmarks EPoX 4PCA3+ provides a very powerful set of BIOS options for overclocking and performance tweaking. The BIOS allows FSB adjustment from 100-350Mhz in 1Mhz intervals, tweakable individual memory timings (CAS, Trcd, Tras, Trp), CPU:DRAM ratios of 1:1, 5:4 and 3:2, VCore up to +0.05V, VAGP up to 2.2V and VDIMM of up to 3.3V. However, i find that the VCore voltage increment is a little too low for most overclockers and hope that EPoX can increase that to +0.3V instead. With all these BIOS settings, i am able to push the CPU FSB from 200Mhz to 297Mhz with memory running at 238Mhz using 5:4 CPU/DRAM ratio. Definitely, the board has the potential to attain even higher FSB above 300Mhz if not limit by the CPU so it is very encouraging sign for the overclockers who can overcome that by using better CPU cooling methods. Performance & Stability : 85 vrmarks EPoX 4PCA3+ is on par with other 875P boards and there is no doubt that 875P can deliver the best desktop performance now with 800Mhz FSB and Dual Channel DDR400. With more BIOS updates coming along, i am sure that EPoX will continue to optimize and improve performance to match the the Intel reference D875PBZ board. The 4-phase power solution on the 4PCA3+ definitely aid the CPU stability by providing more consistent power to the processor especially when overclocked.
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