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News del 03 Luglio 02 Autore: Canaro
Recensito su TweakTown il dissipatore Dynatron DY1206BH-625: a mio avviso la cosa che deve fare MOLTA ATTENZIONE chi usa questo ottimo dissipatore, è di non collegare direttamente la ventola sulla mobo, in quanto essa assorbe 3watt e non tutte le schede sono in grado di erogare tale potenza, per cui quelle che non vi arrivano... fondono. Conclusion Overall, I was impressed with the qualities of this low-priced cooling solution. I have tested a lot of coolers in the past and many of the expensive models can’t boast the effectiveness of this one. It manages to bring a quality heatsink to the masses at an affordable price. I did a little searching online and found any number of retailers selling this model for around US$18. With many other coolers costing twice as much (or more), this is looking to be a better bargain. Of course, the heatsink isn’t without faults. While the design is a common one that has been improved, the clipping mechanism can be cause for many a headache. When you start trying to get the front of the clip engaged over the socket lugs, too much wiggling will require you to remove the sink, apply more interface material and start over with the installation process. If I could change one thing about this HSF it would be that clip. Bottom line... I have told countless people that it is foolish to spend all kinds of money on a shiny new processor and then not spend a few bucks more on a good cooling solution. Well, the cost of that effective cooling solution just got a bit lower. Regardless as to whether you are an enthusiast or one who never plans on overclocking, you will find that the Dynatron DY1206BH-625 will suit your needs very nicely. - Pros Very effective cooling Inexpensive Innovative fin design Reduced noise level - Cons Clipping mechanism needs work No 4-pin power connection
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