Drupal 8 Alpha 15

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News del 26 Settembre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Drupal 8 Alpha 15
Drupal è un CMS (Content Management System) Open Source scritto in linguaggio PHP e molto popolare. Il software è particolarmente scalabile, tanto da essere utilizzato si da singoli Utenti fino a grandissime aziende e organizzazioni.

Drupal offre un´interfaccia di amministrazione con cui l´amministratore può gestire ogni aspetto del sito web, senza il bisogno di possedere particolari conoscenze tecniche.


Changes since 8.0.0-alpha14:

#2309889 by tim.plunkett, dawehner: Fixed DrupalKernel requires a DrupalCore*Plugin directory for annotated classes to be discovered.
#2325571 followup by omers: Replace _theme() calls by calls to Drupal::theme()->render().
#2338571 by znerol: Remove SessionManager::startLazy().
#2232605 by alexpott, dawehner, martin107, Cottser, sun: Fixed Themes cannot be uninstalled.
#2337927 by effulgentsia, plach, fago: Fixed SqlContentEntityStorage::onFieldStorageDefinition(Create|Update|Delete)() is broken for base fields.
#2329847 by tuutti, rachel_norfolk, Cottser | davidhernandez: Use Attribute to replace hard coded classes in language-negotiation-configure-form.html.twig.
#2325571 by asif_khan, omers | dawehner: Replace _theme() calls by calls to Drupal::theme()->render().
#2329703 by maximpodorov: Fix spelling in varous files
#2334785 by znerol: Remove _maintenance request attribute from SpecialAttributesRouteSubscriber.
#2328411 followup by herom: Convert all permissions to yml files and permission callbacks.
#2320521 by jhodgdon: Fixed Follow-up: Node language views filters need label adjustments.
#2303525 by paulmckibben, tim.plunkett: Provide link tags to alternate languages (hreflang) in HTML head.
#2337227 by er.pushpinderrana, larowlan: Fixed NodeAccessControlHandler performs non-strict in_array check.
#1976298 by larowlan: Move taxonomy_get_tree() and associated functions to Taxonomy storage, deprecate procedural wrappers.
#2321609 by benjy, dawehner: Fixed Provide a helpful message in case requirements are not met.
#2337847 by alexpott, YesCT, martin107: The negotiated method_id does not need to be sorted on the Language or ConfigurableLanguage object.
#2312693 by stevepurkiss | andypost: Fixed NodeTermData config schema is broken.
#2044859 by Berdir, klausi: Convert user roles to entity_reference_field.
#2328411 by dawehner, geerlingguy, herom: Convert all permissions to yml files and permission callbacks.
#2340379 by larowlan: Allow PathValidator::getUrlIfValid to support paths with leading /.
#2337859 by martin107 | YesCT: LanguageUrlRewritingTest should not be setting the id of a language.
#2322287 by tuutti, lauriii, wheatpenny: Move datetime classes from preprocess to template.
#2331079 by znerol, dawehner: Use RouteMatch in access-checks and remove RequestHelper::duplicate().
#2194885 by Berdir | sun: Remove drupal_write_record().
#2313757 by Berdir, Wim Leers, dawehner: Remove text_processing option from text fields, expose existing string field types as plain text in UI.
#2339665 by larowlan: Fixed EntityForm::submitForm docblock refers to non-existent CommentFormController.
#2319177 by swentel, fago: Fixed Cron lock time limit is too short and does not prevent multiple, concurrent cron runs.
#2287071 by Wim Leers, alexpott, chx: Add cacheability metadata to access checks.
#2338085 by benjy: Fixed UrlAlias Destination is missing fields implementation.
#2314181 by roderik | hefox: Change drupal_static(´name´, whatever, TRUE) function comments.
#2337911 by martin107: LanguageUrlRewritingTest checkUrl $language parameter definition is incorrect.
#2339135 by tim.plunkett: Fixed EntityViewsDataTest is located in the wrong directory/namespace.
#2338011 by benjf, Sutharsan: Cleanup of locale tests.
#2337709 by tim.plunkett: Convert form_state_values_clean() to FormStateInterface::cleanValues().
#2303361 by tim.plunkett, kim.pepper: Replace instances of deprecated drupal_valid_path with PathValidator.
#2339021 by catch: Fixed Incorrect call to l() in system_token_info.
#2251111 by jibran | dawehner: Remove format_rss_item() and format_rss_channel().
#2338055 by martin107: A couple of quirks in the documentation for DrupallanguageConfigurableLanguageManager.
#2339069 by rgoodine | joelpittet: Remove useless BlockPreprocessUnitTest.
#2224395 by swentel, dixon_, Berdir, fago: Move entity UI code to field_ui module and remove entity.module.
#2260457 by alexpott, beejeebus: Fixed Allow config entities to remove dependent configuration keys when dependencies are deleted due to module uninstall.
#2333113 by effulgentsia, plach: Add an EntityDefinitionUpdateManager so that entity handlers can respond (e.g., by updating db schema) to code updates in a controlled way (e.g., from update.php).
#2337897 by damiankloip: Fixed ManyToOne filter should not display ManyToOneHelper valueForm when exposed.
#2143653 by swentel, tstoeckler, yoroy | ifrik: Added Show default image on image field.
#2337735 by leslieg, cilefen: ConfigImporter::finish() reads ´Finalising configuration synchronisation.´, is UK English.
#2328913 by lanchez, lauriii, joelpittet | crowdcg: Move block classes out of preprocess and into templates.
#2254153 by crowdcg, davidhernandez, joelpittet, mortendk, mdrummond, cilefen, LewisNyman: Move node classes out of preprocess and into templates.
#2308581 by mgifford: Added Document accessibility features in Telephone.
#2337749 by benjy: Fixed no_stub is never used.
#2337849 by martin107 | YesCT: Dont need alias in use for use DrupalCoreLanguageLanguageInterface as BaseLanguageInterface; in LanguageNegotiationMethodInterface.
#2325691 by jarsenx: Entity Reference Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules.
#2331151 by David_Rothstein: Remove leftover code in testFileValidateSize() which runs the tests as a specific user.
#2332709 by swentel, unstatu | dawehner: Fixed Link to add a view mode of a certain entity type is wrong.
#2337591 by swentel, mikeker: Fixed Install failure on Windows: ThirdPartySettingsTrait::getThirdPartySetting not compatible with ThirdPartySettingsInterface::getThirdPartySetting error during install.
#2310341 by ilkkave | YesCT: Remove backwards compatibility for $heading[´class´] in template_preprocess_menu_tree().
#2334763 by alexpott: Tidy up of LanguageInterface - removal of setters and other unnecessary methods.
#2337827 by colbol, cilefen | YesCT: Language locked is a boolean, use TRUE FALSE not 0.
#2323759 by Crell, dawehner: Modularize kernel exception handling.
#1857256 by dawehner, xjm, tim.plunkett, jibran, ParisLiakos, hussainweb, pcambra, ekes, InternetDevels, rhabbachi, rdrh555, tstoeckler, oadaeh, Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85: Fixed Convert the taxonomy listing and feed at /taxonomy/term/%term to Views.
#2336767 by benjy | dawehner: Missing @return documentation for MigrateProcessInterface.
#2333501 by swentel | marcvangend: Implement ThirdPartySettingsInterface in EntityView|FormDisplay.
#2337833 by martin107 | YesCT: Return should not have a variable name in LanguageMangagerInterface.
#2331627 by swentel, andypost: Move config schema for Core field types out of field.module.
#2336285 by benjy, er.pushpinderrana, astrocling | tstoeckler: Fixed Typo in namespace declaration of Drupalmigrate_drupalPluginmigrateprocessd6.
#2336177 by alexpott, YesCT: Fixed ConfigurableLanguage cannot be created/removed directly, integrate language_save() and language_delete().
#2335345 by tstoeckler: Fixed EntityMigration::getProcessPlugins() can return NULL but should always return an array.
#2336965 by cilefen: Move the XHTML inline comment in template_preprocess_rdf_metadata to the template file.
#2199637 by Berdir, sun, swentel: Replace "required" flag of Field module with proper dependencies.
#2148199 by cilefen, pwolanin, attila.fekete, mtift | alexpott: Use snapshot to warn users if the configuration has changed since last import.
#2336443 by almaudoh: NumericItemBase uses ´#type´ => ´textfield´ for numeric ´min´ and ´max´ form fields.
#2334383 by jbrown, ashutoshsngh, er.pushpinderrana: Remove usage of form_error().
#2334307 by yvesvanlaer, amitgoyal: Fixed Dialog box has white top corners.
#1740492 by dawehner, damiankloip, dasjo, xjm: Implement a default entity views data handler.
#2332551 by kgoel, er.pushpinderrana, Crell: Remove drupal_render_page().
#303574 by jhodgdon, douggreen, BlakeLucchesi: Fixed Search Ranking Recency scoring algorithm.
#2336689 by alexpott: Test that a locked language can not be deleted through the UI.
#2030537 by janoka, Sutharsan, Gábor Hojtsy | Outi: Fixed Translations not downloaded when adding a new language.
#2334689 by er.pushpinderrana | joachim: Fixed lock_acquire() should give the character limit for the lock name.
#2332295 followup by klausi: Fixed Unicode requirements check not working with PHP 5.6.
#999338 by lauriii, joelpittet, Sir-Arturio, mgifford, mlncn, alarcombe, sun | Eric_A: Fixed theme_image() alt attribute cannot be passed in $variables[´attributes´] .
#2329787 by cilefen, tuutti | davidhernandez: Move RDF classes from preprocess to templates.
#2315167 by benjy: Create migrations for status/promote/sticky.
#1854284 by Berdir, mikeryan | Dave Reid: Fixed Path aliases are no longer arrays and cannot pass additional data to path hooks.
#2241267 by Wim Leers: Make tours set cache tags.
#2330279 by znerol: Fixed When operating in mixed mode SSL: data from anonymous non-HTTP session is still available after login.
Revert "Issue #2148199 by cilefen, attila.fekete, mtift | alexpott: Use snapshot to warn users if the configuration has changed since last import."
#1182850 by xjm, Stefan Lehmann, jmcintyre, Bojhan: Remove full stops at the end of checkbox options.
#2197091 by kirby14, undertext, lhangea, hussainweb, ACF, smiro, visabhishek | ivanjaros: Fixed Class HTML attribute is present even when no class is assigned to the list.
#2336353 by cilefen: Fixed The message when there is no configuration to synchronize/import is misleading.
#2148199 by cilefen, attila.fekete, mtift | alexpott: Use snapshot to warn users if the configuration has changed since last import.
#2330363 by dawehner: Enhance the controller resolver to get a route match class.
#2324365 by jhodgdon: DisplayVariant plugin class needs more info added.
#2274631 by joelpittet, mgifford, droplet, LewisNyman | hass: Fixed Form required marker "204E" is broken in Google Chrome 35 / Internet Explorer 9.
#2213583 by lauriii, sqndr, Crisz, herom, jamesquinton, esod, Rajendar Reddy, zserno, er.pushpinderrana, cs_shadow, amitgoyal | JayeshSolanki: Fixed Misaligned Icons in Drupal 8.x.
#2335659 by tim.plunkett, dawehner, effulgentsia, sun: Remove FormState ArrayAccess usage from core.
#1664268 by droplet, G-raph, csakiistvan: Drop some browser specific prefixes.
#2333907 by YesCT, alexpott: Fixed FormatDateTest incorrectly implying a change to local interface language variable will change global assumed interface language langcode.
#2221433 by damiankloip, dawehner: Clean up views rendering. Move stuff from template_preprocess_views_view(), into a #pre_render callback.
#2323899 by gauravkhambhala, Gábor Hojtsy, omers | jhodgdon: Provided default Node views need language filtering.
#2335775 by slashrsm: Fixed LinkItem should promote "url" as it´s main property.
#2329837 by Cottser | davidhernandez: Move filter classes from preprocess to templates.
#2333357 by tstoeckler, benjy: Fixed Migrate node_revisions.timestamp into the revision_timestamp field.
#2327363 by yched, andypost: Move datetime_datetime_widget_validate() to DateTimeDefaultWidget::massageFormValues().
#2332983 by dawehner: Replace ban event subscriber with a ban stack.
#2123225 by Jelle_S, attiks, Risse, bradklaver | Wim Leers: Fixed Do not upscale by default.
#2336405 by tim.plunkett: Fixed Follow-up: FormStateInterface::getGroups() should return by reference.
#2331019 by slashrsm: Implement ThirdPartySettingsInterface in Vocabulary.
#2323921 by Michael Hodge Jr | jhodgdon: Fixed Add user page (admin/people/create) remembers values and should not.
#2283675 by er.pushpinderrana, amitgoyal, mparker17, joachim, mmarquez: Document how optgroups are generated in form_select_options()
#2334405 by almaudoh, drunken monkey: Clean up documentation links to functions moved to render element classes
#2318281 by tim.plunkett, dawehner | kim.pepper: Provide a standard way to check a plugin is an instance of the required interface.
#1530774 by lokapujya, jenlampton, Cottser, svdhout, alexrayu, hpz: Fixed Test coverage for adding classes into region template.
#2107427 by penyaskito, dclavain, Gábor Hojtsy, mashermike, Aron Novak, YesCT, szato, Wim Leers, mikispeed, vijaycs85: Fixed Regression: Language names should display in their native names in the language switcher block.
#2336031 by droplet: Fixed CSS Syntax error in seven theme css.
#2329775 by lauriii | davidhernandez: Move taxonomy term classes from preprocess to templates.
#2326423 by wheatpenny: Move "region" classes from preprocess to template.
#2329779 by lauriii | davidhernandez: Move user classes from preprocess to templates.
#2332427 by neclimdul: Fixed APCUBackend makes incorrect assumptions about apc_fetch return type.
#2333987 by herom: Fixed schema translation context terminology and add context for date_format configuration.
#2332389 by tim.plunkett: Finish adding methods to FormStateInterface.
#2320157 by moshe weitzman, Wim Leers, penyaskito, tim.plunkett: Generate placeholder content for Field types.
#2335189 by ashutoshsngh: Remove form.inc form_get_errors().
#2325779 by astrocling | not_chx: Upgrade to Doctrine v1.2.0.
#2329485 by damiankloip, dawehner: Allow permissions.yml files to declare ´permission_callbacks´ for dynamic permissions.
#2256257 by znerol, cosmicdreams | YesCT: Move token seed in SessionManager in isSessionObsolete() and regenerate() to the MetadataBag.
#2110345 by mr.york, effulgentsia, Désiré, fgm, fago, pfrenssen, stefan.r, Berdir, Rajendar Reddy: Simplify validation constraint implementations for fields.
#2307533 by sqndr, LewisNyman, kenyob, emma.maria | tkoleary: Fixed Insufficient space at page bottom.
#1949204 by moshe weitzman | RobLoach: Remove path_inc and menu_inc Settings.
#2330251 by seiplax: Fixed Enable/disable module/extension checkbox does not get needed margin.
#1898478 by joelpittet, Cottser, lokapujya, m1r1k, jstoller, er.pushpinderrana, duellj, organicwire, jessebeach, idflood, Jalandhar, Risse, derheap, galooph, mike.roberts, tlattimore, nadavoid, LinL, steveoliver, chakrapani, likin, killerpoke, EVIIILJ, vlad.dancer, podarok, m86 | c4rl: Menu.inc - Convert theme_ functions to Twig.
#1915056 by Arla, Berdir, amateescu | catch: Use entity reference for taxonomy parents.
#2333731 by Berdir: Fixed WebTestBase::drupalCreateNode() should not hardcode default values.
#375062 followup by David_Rothstein: Fixed [follow-up] imagecolorsforindex() Color index nnn out of range in GDToolkit.
#2321745 by larowlan, tim.plunkett: Add #type => ´path´ that accepts path but optionally stores URL object or route name and parameters.
#2334375 by yvesvanlaer: Fixed Active hover state add button views not enough contrast.
#2319171 by andypost, swentel | yched: Move entity_invoke_bundle_hook() to EntityManager.
#2154775 by yvesvanlaer, er.pushpinderrana, kirkkala, barnettech, InternetDevels | Wim Leers: Fixed In-place editing of title: works, but cursor is invisible.
#2330791 by tanc: Fixed Remove indentation on file fields.
#2273665 by nikop | Charles Belov: Fixed Inconsistent wording on Manage Fields tab.
#2333293 by ThomWilhelm: Fixed /sites/default/files/translations directory requirements messages during install.
#2332989 by Cottser: Fixed Twig trans tag debug is still hooked up to Settings.
#2278327 by damiankloip: Fixed Url parsing of empty query string parameters in FieldPluginBase.
#2332577 by Berdir: Remove EntityDatabaseStorage.
#2330943 by herom: Remove mention of hook_date_format_types() in docs.
Revert "Issue #2238149 by Berdir: Apply formatters and widgets in EntityTestFormCotroller."
#2238149 by Berdir: Apply formatters and widgets in EntityTestFormCotroller.
#2022875 by Berdir, alexpott, Xano, swentel, tim.plunkett, vladan.me: Resolve difference between submitForm(), submit(), and save() in EntityFormController.
#2332071 by sun: Fixed Custom port in run-tests.sh --dburl is not parsed.
#2326537 by olli: Fixed editor.module causes fatal error for images with invalid or non-existing file UUIDs.
#2149257 by lokapujya, krlucas, kay_v | scor: Support RDFa output in number field formatter.
#2324789 by tim.plunkett: Remove UnitTestBase.
#2288123 by Berdir, dawehner: Fixed Basic authentication broken for non-english sites.
#2324121 by Berdir, slashrsm, alexpott: Fixed NodeType´s settings array was meant to be able to store information from mutliple modules.
#2295469 followup by damiankloip: Add support for static permission definitions with *.permissions.yml.
#2084985 by mondrake: Added Implement ThirdPartySettingsInterface in ImageStyle.
#1831674 by lokapujya, longwave, dawehner, Mirakolous, neoligero, Kevin Morse | Bojhan: "Create a label" should be off by default, with an opt-in for style plugins.
#2285493 by joelpittet, lanchez: Remove deprecated ´class´ property from #theme ´links´ and #theme ´menu_tree´ heading arrays.
#466416 by mgifford, benjf, RobLoach | timtrinidad: Add Mouseover Title for dblog Entries.
#474004 by mdrummond, kim.pepper, Wim Leers, jibran, tim.plunkett, joachim | JohnAlbin: Add options to system menu block so primary and secondary menus can be blocks rather than variables.
#2330731 by Sutharsan: Fixed Attribute::addClass() adds empty class.
#2068331 by roderik, slashrsm, pcambra, Sharique, piyuesh23, vijaycs85 | plach: Convert comment SQL queries to the Entity Query API.
#2226493 by Berdir, Wim Leers, m1r1k, mr.baileys, andypost, scor, cbr, joelpittet: Apply formatters and widgets to Node base fields.
#2295761 by herom, kirkkala, emma.maria, tkoleary: Less generic effects on focus.
#2329789 by lauriii: Move toolbar classes from preprocess to templates.
#2329505 by Cottser, SebCorbin, joelpittet, drupalninja99, jenlampton, longwave, aboros, trevorkjorlien, socketwench, shanethehat, mbrett5062, rteijeiro: Convert theme_task_list to Twig template.
Revert "Issue #1885564 by Cottser, SebCorbin, joelpittet, drupalninja99, jenlampton, longwave, aboros, trevorkjorlien, socketwench, shanethehat, mbrett5062, rteijeiro: Convert theme_task_list to Twig template."
#2031301 by andypost, Cottser, xjm, mark.labrecque, mariacha1, joelpittet, robynlgreen, danquah, trogels, Eric_A, thedavidmeister, jenlampton: Replace theme_more_link() and replace with #type ´more_link´.
#1963982 by lauriii, joelpittet: Convert theme_views_ui_rearrange_filter_form() to Twig.
#1885564 by Cottser, SebCorbin, joelpittet, drupalninja99, jenlampton, longwave, aboros, trevorkjorlien, socketwench, shanethehat, mbrett5062, rteijeiro: Convert theme_task_list to Twig template.
#2321505 by LewisNyman: Split Seven´s style.css into SMACSS categories.
#2328785 follow-up by andypost: Fix docs.
#1938068 by sun, Berdir: Convert UnitTestBase to PHPUnit.
#791072 by Danny.Wouters, swentel, lz1irq, David_Rothstein, jbrown: Fixed Inline deletion of shortcut should not be confirmed.
#2326093 by astrocling | jhodgdon: Need new section about Twig added to theme system overview.
#2333353 by ashutoshsngh: Remove usage of form_get_errors().
#2330423 by ashutoshsngh: Remove form.inc form_get_error().
#2142441 by Garrett Albright: Fixed CSS aggregator prepends data: URLs with paths.
#2320111 by Wim Leers | mparker17: Better help text for the "Alternative text" field in the Text Editor image dialog.
#2321593 by Temoor: Replace all instances of block_load(), entity_load(´block´) and entity_load_multiple(´block´) with static method calls.
#2222049 by LewisNyman, Michael Hodge Jr, sqndr: Add a .csslintrc file that´s in line with our CSS standards.
#2319159 by mondrake | alexpott: Fixed Crop anchor selector does not work.
#2285245 by Devin Carlson, martin107, swentel, mducharme: Fixed Missing "Save" button on shortcut links list.
#2330929 by znerol: Remove the request from parameter converters.
#2327095 by tstoeckler: Document how to allow test module and theme installation in example.settings.local.php.
#2330091 by plach: Rename ContentEntityDatabaseStorage to SqlContentEntityStorage.
#2332739 by YesCT, alexpott: Remove SortArray::sortByWeightAndTitle.
#2096703 by mondrake, tim.plunkett | tstoeckler: Image toolkits should use PluginFormInterface and ContainerFactoryPluginInterface.
#2321393 by damiankloip, undertext: Fixed Unable to pass function name to ´_content´ property of the route.
#2302563 by chx, dawehner: Fixed Access check Url objects.
#2332295 by Berdir: Fixed Unicode requirement check not working with PHP 5.6.
#2250315 by dawehner, pwolanin: Fixed Regression: Bring back node access optimization to menu trees.
#2330751 by dawehner, chx: Fixed Random test failures everywhere due to ->with(Request::create()).
#2241275 by Wim Leers: DateFormat cache tag: don´t set the cache tag, but invalidate the entire render cache?.
#2260121 by sun: PHPUnit Tests namespace of modules is ambiguous with regular runtime namespace (+ Simpletest tests).
#2285413 by andypost: [Meta] Standardize entity route names.
#2271349 by Berdir, Arla, blueminds, larowlan, Dave Reid: Node and Comment ops links should be display components (which can be disabled).
#2293205 by Berdir | tim.plunkett: Consider removing usage of DataDefinition in ContextHandler.
#2330121 by plach, effulgentsia, fago: Replace ContentEntityDatabaseStorage::getSchema() with a new EntityTypeListenerInterface implemented by SqlContentEntityStorageSchema.
#2331991 by Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85, dawehner: Tests for Theme missing when installing in non-English language.
#2317557 by dawehner, Cottser, joelpittet, jhodgdon: Fixed renderInline not compatible with twig_auto_reload.
#2329795 by fietserwin, bzitzow, alexrayu, tstoeckler | illutek, dawehner: Fixed Make it possible to add information to theme info files during development.
#2323721 follow-up by David_Rothstein: Restore missing test.
#2303673 by dawehner, damiankloip, effulgentsia, Fabianx: Implement stackphp; cleanup handlePageCache() and preHandle()
#2332299 by dawehner: Fixed Strict failures in TestRunnerKernel.
#2329765 by tim.plunkett | sun: Remove all @backup* annotations from (pure) unit tests.
#2320037 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Non-fieldable entities (with only base fields) cannot be configured translatable, eg. shortcuts.
#2074203 by cilefen, Wim Leers, Gábor Hojtsy: Add changed time tracking to menu links.
#2330465 by rachel_norfolk: Fixed Remove entity_reference.admin.css.
Revert "Issue #2154775 by er.pushpinderrana, barnettech, kirkkala, InternetDevels | Wim Leers: Fixed In-place editing of title: works, but cursor is invisible."
#2332049 by Wim Leers: Silliest, most trivial clean-up of drupal_render() EVER.
#2325197 by tstoeckler, sun: Remove drupal_classloader().
#2326949 by plach, effulgentsia: Move entity-type-specific schema information from the storage class to a schema handler.
#2330503 by pfrenssen, dawehner: Fixed [sechole] Inline templates pass through unsafe strings.
#2248767 by effulgentsia, beejeebus, alexpott: Use fast, local cache back-end (APCu, if available) for low-write caches (bootstrap, discovery, and config).
#2031717 by Berdir, swentel, fago: Make entity module not required.
#2250119 by ParisLiakos, Devin Carlson: Run updates in a full environment.
#2202185 by Wim Leers, effulgentsia, msonnabaum, damiankloip, alexpott: Statically cache Role entities to speed up (User|UserSession)::hasPermission().
#2329653 by znerol: Remove left over abstract class PathListenerBase.
#2330043 by andypost: Theme handler is not needed for theme manager.
#2246679 by YesCT, alimac, Michelle, martin107, eugenesia: Make Language module´s LanguageInterface (to be ConfigurableLanguageInterface) extend Core´s LanguageInterface.
#2315459 by herom, seiplax: Fixed RTL for config translation form.
#2309671 by herom: Fixed admin configuration page RTL CSS.
#2037979 by Gábor Hojtsy, Sweetchuck, jhodgdon, dawehner: Fixed ´Current user´s language´ views filter label is named very misleading.
#1966436 by follow-up by sun: Move tests to proper directory.
#2273277 by Wim Leers, effulgentsia, Fabianx: Fixed Figure out a solution for the problematic interaction between the render system and the theme system when using #pre_render.
#2326719 by plach, effulgentsia: Move pseudo-private table mapping functions from ContentEntityDatabaseStorage to public API of DefaultTableMapping.
#2224761 by Gábor Hojtsy, alexpott, pfrenssen, effulgentsia, xjm, mlncn: Add a generic way to add third party configuration on configuration entities and implement for field configuration.
#2188675 by Gábor Hojtsy, marthinal, fran seva, robertdbailey, Jalandhar, vijaycs85, dlu, kfritsche, YesCT, pfrenssen: Fixed Translate local task always visible, leads to WSOD.
#2327373 by dawehner: Standardize view entity route names.
#2328629 by Berdir: Fixed Comment::hasParentComment() tries to load comment with ID 0.
#2270323 by sun, dawehner, neclimdul: Remove DRUPAL_ROOT constant redefinitions from unit tests.
#2318429 by janoka: Fixed Language condition / block language visibility includes useless options.
#1842362 by vijaycs85, Sutharsan, Berdir, ocsilalala, skipyT: Replace locale_project table and improve caching.
#2310415 by cilefen, ednawig, TravisCarden: Fixed run-tests.sh does not handle the error when invalid test groups/classes are specified.
#2329009 by znerol: Fixed SummaryLengthTest::testSummaryLength() must not alter WebTestBase::loggedInUser.
#2328995 by znerol: Remove unused and defective WebTestBase::drupalGetToken().
#1974048 by Gábor Hojtsy, vijaycs85, er.pushpinderrana, Sutharsan, penyaskito, bserem: Fixed Limited display of languages when going back in installer is confusing.
#2323721 by dawehner, chx: Fixed [sechole] Link field item and menu link information leakage.
#2321621 by swentel: Fixed Use signatures checkbox on User config page doesn´t appear.
#2329429 by dawehner: Fixed Permission page order is all wackadoo.
#2328061 by tim.plunkett: Move datetime´s FormElement #type classes in Core.
#2121713 by tim.plunkett, dawehner, rteijeiro, jiv_e: Move drupal_html_id() and drupal_html_class() to DrupalComponentUtility.
#2328785 by tim.plunkett: Convert form_load_include() to FormState::loadInclude().
#2329303 by tim.plunkett, dawehner: Fixed Use the right request when determining the theme on a 403 page.
#2328777 by tim.plunkett: Refactor FAPI getCache()/setCache() into a standalone class.
#2326891 by tim.plunkett, jhodgdon: Convert system_element_info() to Element classes.
#1966436 by naveenvalecha, cesarmiquel, Berdir, mr.york, jlbellido, segi, vasi1186, Leksat, Gábor Hojtsy, Schnitzel, grisendo, Aron Novak, likin, penyaskito, vijaycs85, kfritsche, fago: Fixed Default *content* entity languages are not set for entities created with the API.
#2213899 by dawehner, joelpittet: Remove global $user wherever possible (outside bootstrap and authentication) Round 2.
#2295469 by Cottser, dawehner | effulgentsia: Add support for static permission definitions with *.permissions.yml.
#2318801 by jarsenx, mbrett5062: Breakpoint Module: Fix documentation that refers to enabling/disabling of modules.
#2327455 by marvil07: Fixed Typo in services example use at core.api.php.
#2301245 by sun, joelpittet | larowlan: Fixed Entity system invokes non-existing theme hooks: ´Theme hook not found.´
Revert "git commit -m Issue"
git commit -m Issue
#2030591 by jibran, Temoor, andypost, lokeoke, er.pushpinderrana, martin107, pcambra, piyuesh23, Sharique, kgoel | plopesc: Expand ContactForm with methods.
#2303521 by swentel, larowlan | alexpott: Fixed CommentTypeForm allows the entity type to be changed.
#2321515 by dawehner: Fixed Updating links loses fragments.
#2320253 by yched: Fixed FIC/FSC::preSave() do not call the parent implementation.
#2323259 by Sutharsan, vijaycs85, Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Local translation file detection is not semantic version compatible.
#2314599 follow-up by andypost: Fix incorrect theme argument.
#2313931 by Berdir: Merge [´controller´] with [´build_info´][´callback_object´] and add a method for it.
#2312077 by dawehner: Provide interfaces for the local task and action manager.
#2250841 by andypost, thechanceg, Buratino42 | vijaycs85: Fixed Adding a inline template for content translation status.
#2183929 by cilefen, tim.plunkett: Allow Drupal:: call in BlockBase to be bypassed.
#2325479 by tim.plunkett: Convert editor_element_info() to editor_element_info_alter().
#2325689 by sun: Clean up temporary Extension class workarounds.
#2325999 by swentel: Move config schema for Core field types out of field.module .
#2326397 by davidhernandez: Fixed Add filtering to AttributeArray.
#2326707 by tim.plunkett: Use dynamic entity type upcasting for comment.reply.
#2326727 by swentel: Fixed Delete tempstore entry of preview in submit.
#2326867 by martin107: Logger: Remove namespace does not exist warning.
#2326837 by herom: Fixed content preview RTL CSS.
#2325977 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed All links lead to same entity translations in translation overviews.
#2314889 by andypost, Temoor: Standardize entity_test entity route names.
#2326981 by effulgentsia: Move DrupalfieldFieldException to DrupalCoreFieldFieldException.
#2088365 by Cottser, CharuAg, bradklaver, machostache, cs_shadow, visabhishek, sriharsha.uppuluri, grisendo, undertext, naveenvalecha | nod_: Fixed Wrong name for datetime.html.twig should be time.html.twig.
#2324211 by Wim Leers: Fixed Multiple requests to /quickedit/attachments when only one should happen.
#2293779 by pcambra, joshi.rohit100: Fixed Old t() method in language module forms.
#2324825 by jibran, dawehner, Berdir: Fixed MenuLinkContent::baseFieldDefinitions() sets default values incorrectly.
#2315269 by sun: Fixed Entity/Query/Sql/QueryAggregate: PDOException: General error: GROUP BY clause is required before HAVING.
#2244359 by mondrake: Lazy-load GD resource in GDToolkit.
#2272879 by clemens.tolboom, alexpott: Fixed Can not run a WebTestBase or KernelTest base tests from inside a simpletest.
#2313875 by alexpott, yched: Preserve the ´field_type´ within FieldInstanceConfig.
#2303881 by alexpott, effulgentsia: Fixed Config entity static cache doesn´t get reset and isn´t override aware.
#2326913 by vijaycs85: Add sites/*/*services*.yml to example.gitignore.
#2326203 by effulgentsia, alexpott: Fixed Config´s cached storage should only use one bin.
#2325575 by sun: Fixed Theme must not be primed in core.extension and KernelTestBase.
#2240459 by Gábor Hojtsy, penyaskito | LoMo: Fixed Applying default language fallback rules to interface translation has impressively bad results.
#2314599 by Crell, Cottser, dawehner: Use title/url instead of l() for building breadcrumb.
#2271529 by attiks, alexpott, Lowell, YesCT, Jelle_S | mdrummond: Move breakpoint settings to theme and module *.breakpoints.yml files at root level.
#2279071 by andypost: Fixed Fragile form_id generation for bundlable entity forms.
#2309715 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Several views still say they depend on block module but not anymore.
#2309323 by Berdir, tim.plunkett: Allow #submit and #validate to be specified as methods of the form object.
#1837388 by tim.plunkett, dawehner, Wim Leers: Provide a ParamConverter than can upcast any entity.
#2251113 by alexpott, damiankloip, Crell, Wim Leers, dawehner, sun: Use container parameters instead of settings.
#2318087 by tim.plunkett: Replace [´input´] with FormState::getUserInput().
#2324353 by chx: Remove MigrateEntityDestinationFieldInterface.
#1510544 by swentel, Bojhan, Gábor Hojtsy, merlinofchaos, Cottser, Wim Leers, plopesc, aspilicious, sannejanssen, larowlan, tim.plunkett, nod_: Fixed Show previews in front-end theme, able to select different view modes.
#2212427 by Mixologic, YesCT, Sutharsan, mgriego, icseh., visabhishek, znerol: Use interface instead of class name for language manager where appropriate.
#2318297 by fietserwin: Rotate effect: do not use html entity for ´degree´ but its unicode character.
#1976158 by Berdir | msonnabaum: Rename entity storage/list/form/render "controllers" to handlers.
#2318817 by alimac, martin107: Remove method setId() from core/lib/Drupal/Core/Language/LanguageInterface.
#2315067 by Sam152: Fixed Dialog titlebar overlaps close button for long titles.
#2271051 by Wim Leers: Update CKEditor library to 4.4.4.
#2297875 by herom, bfr: Replace calls to form_set_error() to $form_state->setErrorByName().
#2291833 by andypost, kgoel | Crell: Standardize taxonomy term entity route names.
#2325385 by dawehner: Fixed Ensure that the error handler does not throw exception itself.
#2324783 by JayeshSolanki | andypost: Fixed CommentLinkBuilderTest::setUp() should be protected.
#2228093 by dawehner | sun: Modernize theme initialization.
#2322809 by chx, dawehner, tim.plunkett: Tighten routing security by access checking in matchRequest.
#2321341 by blueminds: Fixed EntityAccessControlHandler::createAccess() does not pass into the hooks the entity bundle.
#2315333 by tim.plunkett: Move block plugin code out of block.module.
#2322933 by Xano: Fixed Module list form fatals due to incorrect route configuration.
#2324945 by andypost: Fixed clean-up @todo after 2155635.
#2318847 by tstoeckler: Fixed ExtensionDiscovery does not allow the value of the "type" key to be wrapped in quotes.
#2323521 by herom: Fixed a couple of t() calls in core.
#2324293 by larowlan: Fixed PHPUnit code coverage broken.
#2290267 by jhodgdon: Image-related plugin classes need more docs links.
#2271251 by ParisLiakos, undertext, JeroenT, StevenPatz, tim.plunkett: Remove usages of watchdog() from non-form and non-controllers.
#2309501 by garphy | dawehner: Use plugin IDs instead of titles for toolbar classes.
#2324113 by penyaskito: Move Drupal/Core/Utility/Color to Drupal/Component/Utility/Color.
#2250243 by dawehner, sun: Remove needless ContainerAware dependency from AuthenticationManager.
#2319719 by Tim Bozeman, pcambra, undertext, bojanz: Fixed Widget validation crashes on ItemList violations.
#1987882 by disasm, vijaycs85, penyaskito, kim.pepper, likin, YesCT, InternetDevels, dawehner, wamilton, Letharion, katbailey, googletorp, tim.plunkett, acrollet, neetu morwani: Convert content_translation routes to a new style controller.
#2324083 by er.pushpinderrana, martin_q: Fix up description of return value from NestedArray::getValue()
#2248845 by sun: Fixed [run-tests.sh] simpletest_phpunit_xml_filepath() depends on public:// stream wrapper.
#2307717 by Wim Leers, micbar: Fixed Inform Drupal in *.libraries.yml via a new per-JS file "minified" flag whether a JS file has been minified.
#2283977 by alexpott, Gábor Hojtsy, effulgentsia, fago: Create a new ConfigEntity type for storing bundle-specific customizations of base fields.
#2318251 by larowlan: Fixed Make comment links functionality testable and convert CommentLinkTest to PHPUnit.
#2321407 by astrocling | jhodgdon: Fixed Suggested setting in example.settings.local.php for render doesn´t work in install.
#2321605 by sun: Fix comment syntax in example.settings.local.php
#2290143 by cs_shadow, amitgoyal, er.pushpinderrana, xjm: Improve the class documentation of DrupalCoreTemplateAttribute.
#2322377 by slashrsm | roald.umandal: Fixed No validation for default image.
#2298039 followup by lauriii, sqndr: Remove all PNG fallbacks for SVG.
#2318679 by bluegriff | emma.maria: Fixed "Password strength: Strong" wraps onto a second line.
#2218065 by jhodgdon, dawehner: Fixed Need to join fields to the entity field data tables, not entity tables, or filtering increases number of results.
#2322889 by sun: Fixed Various setUp() and tearDown() methods are not protected.
#2309187 by andypost | Crell: Fixed double-link-entry between Entity and Entity Type classes.
#2302047 by plopesc: Added support for relative default dates in Date field .
#2322255 by undertext | andypost: Move the rest of core entities to use EntityViewsDataInterface.
#2321913 by Temoor: Replace all instances of entity_load(´menu_link_content´) and entity_load_multiple(´menu_link_content´) with static method calls.
#2300875 by joshi.rohit100, amitgoyal, penyaskito: Remove drupal_redirect_form() as it is deprecated.
#2321919 by Temoor: Replace all instances of menu_load(), entity_load(´menu´) and entity_load_multiple(´menu´) with static method calls.
#2322063 by Temoor: Replace all instances of shortcut_set_load(), entity_load(´shortcut_set´) and entity_load_multiple(´shortcut_set´) with static method calls.
#2317821 by Wim Leers, nod_ | wwalc: Do not show a dialog about changing formats when there is no content.
#2322097 by plach: Enforce data tables for translatable entity types in the SQL entity storage.
#2319819 by jhodgdon, hueman: Fixed Default value heading missing from Field UI form.
#2321605 by astrocling: Fixed Standardize Commenting in example.settings.local.php.
#2290257 by Wim Leers, er.pushpinderrana, amitgoyal | jhodgdon: Editor plugin classes need docs links.
#2204325 followup by Arla: Fixed The "rendered entity" formatter breaks for entity types with out a ViewBuilder.
#2285083 by crowdcg, andypost, larowlan: Rename contact category to contact form.
#2321167 by emma.maria, tompagabor | LewisNyman: Move password indicator colours into CSS.
#2319977 by marcingy: Convert sql query in buildForm in NodeTypeDeleteConfirm to efq.
#2321739 by jibran: Fixed Minor issue in EntityReferenceRelationshipTest.
#2307125 followup by longwave: Fixed HTML double-escaping in EditorImageDialog.
#2062103 by penyaskito, pp, nonsie | hass: Fixed Skipped translation import shows dblog link message that is not yet available in installer.
#2310475 by Gábor Hojtsy | dawehner: Fixed Admin theme for translation tabs just works for nodes.
#2152227 by JeroenT, joelpittet, steinmb, steveoliver, hussainweb, shanethehat, jenlampton, kpa, AnythonyR, EVIIILJ, kgoel, Cottser, dsdeiz, hanpersand: Convert theme_tableselect() to #theme table__tableselect.
#2319671 by dawehner, jhodgdon, xjm, alexpott: ViewsDataController: Step1: Move entity views data into controllers.
#1498664 by andypost, plach, penyaskito | dawehner: Refactor user entity properties to multilingual.
#2307647 by Wim Leers | anandps: [Follow-up] Allow manual override of required image alt text in the Text Editor image dialog when appropriate.
#2290269 by amitgoyal, er.pushpinderrana | jhodgdon: InPlaceEditor plugin classes need more docs links.
#2091311 by mparker17, minneapolisdan, benjf, er.pushpinderrana, wzoom, jhodgdon, batigolix | ifrik: Update hook_help for Contextual Link module.
#2291829 by kgoel, dawehner | Crell: Standardize user route names.
#2320263 by steveoliver: Remove steveoliver from MAINTAINERS.txt.
#2320245 by benjy | jhodgdon: Fixed High water should consistently be two words.
#2252739 by Gábor Hojtsy, rbayliss: Fixed Taxonomy field handler fatal error in linking to terms, cannot create taxonomy views with defaults.
#2315489 by benjy: Renamed prepareIdMappings() in MigrateTestBase.
#2307641 by mgifford: Fixed Color Contrast Insufficient with Error Text.
#2311279 by emma.maria | LewisNyman: Tweak the colours of the password indicator.
#2261477 by sun, neclimdul: Remove broken DrupalsystemTestsScriptTest.
#2202493 by Xano, dawehner, longwave, tim.plunkett: Fixed views_menu_link_defaults() does not set a parent for links.
#2217755 by Alumei, Les Lim, er.pushpinderrana, martin107, Daniel Norton | alexpott: Fixed template_preprocess_links uses a non existent class JSON.
#2317865 by alexpott, mdrummond: Fixed Config schema definitions for plugins aren´t applied to their derivatives.
#2320537 by er.pushpinderrana: Fix syntax problems in core.api.php
#2316413 by benjy, chx: Clean up MigrationInterface docs
#2316537 by dawehner | chx: Upgrade symfony CMF to 1.2, remove deprecated parameters from getRouteByName* .
#2319375 by andrewmacpherson: Fixed Malformed @endcode tag in docblock for DrupalmigrateRow::getRawDestination().
#2317085 by pfrenssen | rteijeiro: Added the possibility to create a REST export when creating a new view.
#2318827 by larowlan, thehong | mgifford: Fixed Can´t unpublish a comment.
#2280861 by roderik, pcambra: CommentStatistics service followup.
#2305707 by cilefen, pwolanin, dawehner, LinL: MenuLinkContent disabled field should be renamed to enabled and use positive logic.
#2305839 by jhodgdon, tim.plunkett: Convert hook_element_info() to annotated classes.
#2301593 by er.pushpinderrana, joshi.rohit100: Remove drupal_retrieve_form() as it is deprecated.
#2278567 by kgoel, azinck, dawehner | Crell: Standardize node route names by relationship.
#2302235 by lokeoke, er.pushpinderrana, tim.plunkett | Crell: Set default property values in EntityType.
#2312135 by effulgentsia: Rename and protect ConfigFactory::getCacheKey(s)(); add a separate ConfigFactoryInterface::getCacheKeys().
#2156657 by swentel | jhodgdon: Use the word "name" instead of "label" for display modes.
#2074255 by cilefen, wiifm, almul0, amunir, Gábor Hojtsy, Jalandhar, JeroenT, vegantriathlete: Add changed time tracking to users.
#2314123 by sun: Fixed various tests.
#2315607 by pingers: Fixed "Place blocks" h3 tags are escaped.
#2260059 by er.pushpinderrana, joelpittet, LinL, SebCorbin | Mark Carver: Fixed Title in template_preprocess_item_list() is typecasted as string.
#2283301 by Dave Reid, davidhernandez, Cottser, joelpittet: Added Twig filters for drupal_html_class() and drupal_clean_id_identifier().
#314385 by penyaskito, Pancho, mgifford, jjcarrion, jlbellido, akalata, alimac, jday, Risse, stBorchert | emmajane: Make position of #description configurable via the API.
#2314863 by andypost, Crell: Standardize block content entity route names.
#2125083 by andypost, cosmicdreams, benjy, YesCT | bdone: Remove unused $keep variable from migrate sources.
#2307681 by cbr, Berdir, moshe weitzman: GetEntityTypeFromStaticClass - poor performance.
#2318981 by er.pushpinderrana, grisendo: Make hook_node_grants and hook_node_access_records sample function bodies consistent
#2263059 by Bryn Vertesi, Xano: Use example.com not yoursite.com in example.settings.local.php docs
#2301393 by kim.pepper, larowlan: Deprecate all of mail.inc, move drupal_mail to method on Mail plugin manager.
#2317135 by aboros | rteijeiro: Fixed Transparent background in autocomplete widget.
#2318435 by dawehner, Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Views menu items disappears when editing menu.
#2317845 by sun | Arla: Upgrade Guzzle to version 4.1.7.
#2314289 by benjy: Track result of migrations and use it to properly define migrate_dependencies.
#2307053 by mondrake: Fixed Rotate effect UI does not allow to set background color to transparent.
#1938910 by JeroenT, Temoor, gnuget, pratik60, dsnopek, Brandonian | duellj: Convert image theme tables to table #type.
#2317881 by gauravkhambhala | alexpott: Remove $block_counter from template_preprocess_block.
#2231693 by amitgoyal, joshi.rohit100, helmo, LinL, iS: [Follow up] Update Powered by Drupal link.
#2098355 by Berdir, guedressel | fago: Fixed Missing default access for all node fields.
#2318099 by tim.plunkett: Replace $form_state[´complete_form´] with $form_state->getCompleteForm().
#2204325 by Arla, cbr, Berdir, benjy: Fixed The "rendered entity" formatter breaks for entity types with out a ViewBuilder.
#2313615 by tim.plunkett: Clarify the deprecated-ness of ArrayAccess usage in FormState.
#2305831 by aneek, Cottser, chx, jbrown: Fixed Double escaping on /admin/modules/uninstall.
#2318587 by herom: Fixed "route_name" should not be marked as translatable in config schema.
#1963980 by joelpittet | Cottser: Convert theme_views_ui_expose_filter_form() to Twig.
#1792836 by damiankloip, alansaviolobo, Kars-T | tim.plunkett: Merge HandlerBase::breakPhrase() and HandlerBase::breakPhraseString() and clean up.
#2296775 by gauravkhambhala | jhodgdon: Fixed Content Markers defgroup/topic mentions theme_mark() (nonexistent).
#2299677 by er.pushpinderrana, gauravkhambhala | jhodgdon: Fix up annotation-related topics a bit.
#2296793 by gauravkhambhala | jhodgdon: Fixed Two Views topics need one-line summaries added.
#2271005 by martin107, YesCT, alimac, mrjmd: Rename Language module´s LanguageInterface to ConfigurableLanguageInterface and Language to ConfigurableLanguage.
#2315237 by andypost, daggerhart | yched: Rename FieldDefinition to BaseFieldDefinition.
#2235425 by corbacho, andypost, nod_: Fixed domready bug breaks Drupal behaviors.
#2300469 by penyaskito | dawehner: Fixed makeBackup() is called without a to parameter in DrupalCoreUpdaterUpdater.
#2318245 by mdrummond: Add Marc Drummond as co-maintainer of Responsive Images and Breakpoint modules.
#2316203 by olli, tim.plunkett | Charles Belov: Fixed Permission "Use the administration pages and help" grants permission to configure Image Toolkit.
#2317811 by ChandeepKhosa, emma.maria: Do not print the footer container in Seven when not in use.
#2162005 followup by Berdir: Clean up entity_reference default values once users 0 and 1 provides UUID.
#2307419 by Wim Leers: AssetCollectionOptimizerInterface should allow listing and deleting all aggregates (optimized collection assets).
#2316533 by tim.plunkett: Add getValue/setValue/hasValue and isValueEmpty to FormState.
#2301247 by mitsuroseba | andypost: Make comments for forum non-threaded by default.
#2316989 by Arla: Fixed Join file_usage to file_managed for Views.
#1870866 by wiifm, magunz | jfarry: Fixed "Please insert the items per page (**) from above." doesn´t make much sense.
#2316253 by er.pushpinderrana | ThomasDik: Fixed Typo in the tags example.
#2317001 by Arla: Fixed FieldPluginBase::addAdditionalFields() bad debug message.
#2315555 by undertext, larowlan: Fixed UrlGeneratorTrait::setUrlGenerator sets linkGenerator property instead of urlGenerator.
#2285451 by joelpittet, davidhernandez, cilefen, mdrummond, mortendk: Create addClass() and removeClass() methods on Attribute object for merging css class names.
#2239413 by Wim Leers, blueminds: Split FilterCaption into FilterAlign (for data-align) and FilterCaption (for data-caption).
#2316153 by Berdir: Fixed [typo follow-up] PHP 5.4.30/5.5.15+ changed json_encode() of DateTime objects to include microseconds, breaks tests.
#2154435 by andypost, Berdir, mparker17: Rename EntityAccessController to EntityAccessControlHandler.
#2302165 followup by cilefen, pwolanin | kgoel: Fixed Only allow loading by plugin definition properties.
#2296787 by gauravkhambhala | jhodgdon: Fixed hook_field_config_update_forbid() is in the wrong group/topic.
#119038 by Pancho, ximo, stefank: Code cleanup: ´authenticated users´ role.
#2315807 by tim.plunkett: Remove support for path-based form redirects.
#2316459 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Menu ui module refers to nonexistent library, lacks menu parent validation on content type settings.
#2313157 by Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Optimize admin language detection and make it optional.
#2269025 by penyaskito, andypost, grom358, Berdir, mikeegoulding, larowlan: Fixed CommentManager::getAllFields() should have a static cache.
#2315613 by damiankloip, Wim Leers: Add a services.local.yml for development.
#2316779 by er.pushpinderrana: Fix titles and links in theme/render topics
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